What to expect… when your expecting a great blog…

So here I am, so glad you have all taken the time to wish me well, like, share on the book of faces.. and with that we’re going to give a breakdown of what we’re all expecting (insert scarleh monkey emoji here)

Now 1st things 1st, me head and memo notes on me phone are in over drive as to what I’m going to write, post, share (and those who know me well probably slate too) but we do it all in the meaning of good humour 😉

As you have seen I am firing ahead to cover all topics..

Beauty: I didn’t want a make up page, every household these days has an MUA except mine, so yes I wing it on a Pippa palette and a you tube tutorial, but fear not like yourselves I am ready to share a few new tried and tested make ups tips, and I hope those in the know won’t be afraid to weigh in and share their thoughts and views. So if you deal with make up in a pro manner, then yes, Im talking to you! On top of the make up, beauty as we know goes a lot further so stay tuned for the top beauty products, more than anything quality with budget in mind.. think Garnier Micellar Water.. and you will see where Im going with this!

Fashion: Right I’ll set the Pennys record straight here, yes it is the top go to shop for bloggers for affordable fashion, but I wont lie, Im a Zara TRF girl, and believe it or not its as cheap.. For both yourself and the kiddos! However we still all love Pennys so of course I can’t ignore it in all its glory. On top of that, I love an oul event, them schnakey 20 and 25% off in River being my ultimate discount spree.. so we can share our spends and splurges, from High St to online, we will keep up to date with all trends.. and discounts of course! This is also where I tend to lose the run of meself with celebs, If I hurt your feelings cause I can’t stand Kim in rip off adidas bottoms or Ri-Ri looking like she walked straight out of the Ilac, I apologise in advance but sadly, it cant be helped!

Travel: I wouldn’t exactly call meself the ultimate jet setter, but like us all I do love a holiday, mostly in the sunshine too! My problem (same with food) is I am such a creature of habit. I’m the type of person that once I’ve gone and loved it I will 99% be sure to return.. Ive plenty of shouts in line for NYC, Florida, Liverpool, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Spain.. And with these will come the best way I have found to book and travel, and keeping inline with the good oul discounts, Ryanair and Aer Lingus wont escape them shouts either, the fare finder is gonna become your new best mate when it comes to those little breaks away! I have a few holidays up me sleeve for the coming months and cant wait to post  all about the process and “Things to do” share and share a like guys, all your own tips are most defo welcome here too!

Home: Having recently renovated my own home downstairs only, I’ve an abundance of home decor, interior and ideas just bursting inside my little brain for the work that’s gonna commence upstairs, this will range from our own room to young Joeys, and I can’t wait for the before and after photos and videos, and mostly the impending pinterest sprees,.. in fairness me house wouldn’t look half as well as it does without them, and I do really love me house, and the only way I will ever leave it is in a wooden box!

Baby: I was so taken aback by the amount of likers that commented saying they couldn’t wait for my baby posts, I thought I was one of them annoying Mas on FB that everyone scrolled past, I was the oh look Im pregnant, here Im very sick with this pregnancy to ok look what me son is wearing today, look at him standing up, ah jaysis look at him trying to climb the fire (yes I have one of them type of 1 yr olds) so Im super excited to be all baby and know Im not wrecking your heads!

Budget: I gave careful consideration to this one, but given the trialing times of the finances today, if your anything like me and have a monthly scrap with your bank account, then we can try, I repeat try, cause I always have good intentions with me finances but then working in town, in a clothes shop, beside other clothes shops, it’s just a lost cause. But New Year, New Bank Account and all that jazz..

Food: Now this is me, in me element, talking about food, yes I am one of those dopes that takes a snapchat of me dinner before I eat it cause I love a bit of presentation, and the main reason, to get people talking.. Yes you read correctly. Before I fled the nest I had lived on a simple diet, St Bernard €1.49 Chicken Curry, you know the cheapest one in the grey box that you could just do in the microwave, ye them, Mc Cains Micro chips drowned in salt, chips eggs & beans, and when I felt “fancy” I’d make mash, frozen green isle veg and a chicken fillet with pepper sauce, me friends used to think I was deadly for whipping this one up… So then came the day I had to flee the nest and go live with me husband.. yes you guessed it, I had to feed him! He came from a very old dublin Mammy who loved to bake and cook, I was at a loss.. not only for him but for meself also, the world and its wife was starting the gym, there was protein and gains everywhere, I had to up me game!!! So in steps Joe Wicks (The Body Coach, The 90 day SSS Plan…. Lifesaver) I had tried cooking books but it was all very complicated, these 15 minute meals where the dogs you know what.. from there I’ve copped on how to make nice decent food, Im not a pro, it doesn’t take any adventurous skills and I still love a curry, pizza, chipper… I just prefer to do it all in moderation! I gave the cupcake baking a go, mind you I had a grand lil talent going on but I didn’t have the patience (we will get round to them thou) So I can’t wait for yas all to see me dinners, deserts and treats.. they aren’t protein gains jazz like I said its a bit of everything in moderation for everyone. If you are anything like me and suffer from the Han-gry that’s the angry kind of hungry then we are all in for a treat.

Jesus that’s a lot on food, see I could go all day about the grub!

So that’s it summed up, hope you enjoyed my 1st post, and with any luck in a bit of time I be looking back at it cringing, thinking I’ve come a long way!


Git x