Fare Finder ā‚¬9.99 GO GO GO

6369326344bce9ae96e79e6e2debc547Ok I promise to keep this short and sweet but I have to get this one out there!

Ryanair are back with the ā‚¬9.99 Sale šŸ˜±

Now, this is all well and good, but if like me you never had the paitence to search your date, destination, and try find where these Ā ā‚¬9.99 flights are… well Taaaaa daaaaa….

I’ve attached the pic with a simple step by step.. Ok I’m exaggerating it’s actually only 3 clicks of a button šŸ™ˆ But all you do is..

1. Go to Ryanair.com

2. Scroll down to Plan a Trip – Fare Finder at the end of the page.

3. Enter your Departure Airport, leave your Destination blank and the Budget to under ā‚¬20…

When you click find me a fare, your clicking to take yourself to your happy place, that being on a jet plane to head off to where ever you wish all for under ā‚¬20 each way. Happy Flying.

Your Welcome,

Christine x