Here’s what’s comin to a make-up bag near you!


I tried to do this as a few bits for each heading I wanted to cover but there is just so much on each I wanted to write about that I’ve decided to just keep it simple so this is solely dedicated to Beauty, sorry lads, but have a read if you’re looking to put a goody bag together for the Misses at any stage this year, I’m good at the gifting ideas 😉

Terms & Conditions: Please note at all stages of this piece I do not claim any expertise in make up, I’m only new here 😉 I have also attached an image to support each topic, I’m sound like that. make-up-blog.

Now,  I am so feeling the make up vibes that are comin cause I’m sorry, it just all got way too complicated the last 3 years. Trying to wing a liquid eyeliner, struggling to make your brows look like sisters never mind twins, Highlighter on cheekbones that extended into contour and highlight your whole face in this and that section, cause apparently your foundation just couldn’t cut if for you anymore… and then the lips went and got all involved…

Well 2017 just got so simplified and i am loving it.. here’s whats comin to a make up bag near you..

Move over coconut oil, there’s a new kid in town.. Jojoba Oil is ready to make its mark. It is unique in that, unlike most other vegetable oils, it is a waxy substance and can act as a natural skin conditioner. Unlike the coconut oil though we wont be cooking food in this. It’s recommended for Skin problems such as: Moisturising, Control Oily Skin and Acne, Chapped Lips, Dry  cuticles, Cracked Feet & Hands and Eczema & Psoriasis. For the Hair: Control Hair Loss, Dry and Frizzy Hair, Control Dandruff and relieve Scalp Psoriasis.

To the winged eyeliner fans, I have some bad news…. It’s a bye for now I’m afraid.. Invest in an eyepencil cause it’s all about the pencil work on the inner waterline! Now I could rabbit on about application here but we all know we’re gonna pull the eye lid, hang our mouth open, get stuck in with the pencil till the eye waters and your job is done.. Just make sure you get into them corners. Voila, new eye art achieved! I have a Rimmel eyepencil that cost me €3.50 and I can’t fault it.

GLAM GLAM GLAM – it’s not just for Christmas huns! So for the glitter and glam squads, fear not. Metallic, and GLOSSY lids on the eyes is all systems go. Now this is one trend I will not be attempting unless I’m propped up on a pros stool, and the MUA is going at me in all her glory.

So the lips, I’d say Kylie and her lipkits are kicking themselves cause the lip liner is getting the boot aswell. Blurred, yep I said that right, a blurred lip is going to be all the rage. Basically the jist of it is to apply your lipstick into the centre of your lips and take a cotton bud and work the lippy out. Again we be all winging it until all those MUA’s we stalk on social media start wacking up a “how to” tutorial so I wish us all the best till then.

Lip and cheek staining. this is a very subtle look and is very easy to achieve, even to the likes of a make up simpleton like meself. I recommend Benefit for this, they have an excellent range of shades, Benetint and Posietint are my fave. They are €36.50, pricey but they last so they are well worth the few bob. Its like water, comes with nail varnish like brush and a few strokes on the check area and lips, rub it in with your fingers and your done.

The ever problematic, if your anything like me, brow sisters! Dont fret, they are most defo staying put, but Im glad to say the block party some have rocked on their foreheads is no more, its defo all about a more natural brow. A tip I can give to achieve this is to take a never used mascara brush top, and brush the shape of your brow before you start filling it in, barely fill it from the start of brow getting heavier, not dramatic, as you make your way down the brow. I use the Wet N Wild brow kit which you can buy in Pennys for €3.95 and it is the doggies manhood.

So thats the Saturday night make up covered, I’ll keep it very simple about my daily “routine” cause it basically consists of Tinted Moisturiser, mixed with Mac Strobe Cream, my most favourite ever number 1 beauty product and Im not even a Mac Hun. But brace yourself for the shock here, I just rub it into me face with me hands, none of this fancy brush jazz, I’ve a 1 year old and job to rush to. Then I take out the Pippa Palette, my 1st proper make up investment that was worth every penny, and with a “universal” brush, I apply a lil blush, highlighter to me cheekbones, and the darker face shade under the checkbones, (I don’t know if calling that contouring is me losing the run of meself) fill in the brows and I go on me merry way! It’s a fresh clean not too much effort look cause I take me hat off to anyone that achieves a full face 1st thing in the morning.

Make up was the last topic I expected my next post to be on, and if anything I was almost trying to avoid it until it was necessary I done one, but I think we’ve done ok here and suprisingly, I enjoyed it. Hope you all did too and I’ll see yas back in a day or two for the 2017 freshness follow up , so stay tuned cause still to come.. Hair, Fashion and my fave… Home 🙂


Christine x