Putting a Spring in your housing Step…

blog-homeI don’t want to cause any domestics with this one so when anyone (The significant other) questions why you have just came in the house with bin liner like bags filled with cushions, duvet sets and accessories, it’s a “Freshen up” and they’ve to count themselves lucky it’s not a tin of paint for every room and you’re demanding they get the ladder and paint tray out!

2017 is all about COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR… Jewel tones are a must so think Deep Purple, Teal, Bright Pink, Golden Mustard, Emerald Green and Navy. Upholstery on Sofas & Headboards, bedding featuring mixed patterns, Velvet, it’s going nowhere but its most definitely changing, and metallic! Think Moroccan/Marrakech style interior.

Copper and terracotta are defo in the mix and Carpet is defo on the money again… Mirror mirror on the wall as a feature, you’ll have it all!!

Now before we go any further here, one thing I love about home Decor is no two rooms being the same. Let each room have its own style, colour scheme and basically tell a different story.

How to work these colours into your Living Room… Depending on how strong you want the Trend to come through, by keeping the neutral tones on walls it means that making simple changes give you a whole new room with minimal disruption, ahem that person making a painting mess. The most obvious for your sitting room is simply a feature rug, cushions and a wall art piece. I love the idea of incorporating the Rich Mustard or Jewel Green with a hint of the Pink or Purple (mix the cushion colours) will work perfectly. However if you do want the whole over haul, Navy Walls are a big feature but unless you have plenty of light in the room I would advise against this. The Mirror is also a game changer, a plain mirror is not going to cut it here, studded frames, punched texture and cut out patterned frames are a must. If space allows you here also a small stand or coffee table like piece in copper or to the theme of your feature mirror can be a really nice addition. A lampshade on the room feature light can really srpuce up the room also. For the upholstery element, curtains. I find Home store and More so reasonable for their curtains and they do stunning sets with subtle velvet patterns or you can keep it plain. If you really want to go all out on this, coloured Velvet sofas, they are simply stunning, but if you or your budget are not feeling that and still want to update the sofa, having your current sofa reupholstered is so cost effective or better still a large velvet throw will give you just the same effect.

Sleeping in Style… The bedroom is a lot easier to bring some changes about, again something as simple as a Duvet Set and cushions on the bed can set it right off. However I love the idea of going the whole nine yards with this one. I find you can go a bit more wild with patterns and wall art/accessories here. Top of the bedroom list should most defo be the mixed pattern Duvet, a luxury throw, load up the bed with as many cushions as it will allow you to, even if you only use them for show, and show being you the only person that sees them in all their glory, so what, your the one that sleeps there and spends your hangovers and lazy days there.. I love the idea of lil knick knacks in the bedroom, from coloured candles or mini ornaments to wall signs & photo frames, to a grander scale of lockers, mirrors again, and here Id defo go for a free standing full length mirror and again a velvet chair or sofa, even though we know they will only feature as a clothes collector! Another option to save on the bed is having your headboard reupholstered, and if you have a basic shape this can so easily be done with a staple gun and a few meters of fabric from Hickeys! Over the bed shelving is another feature I love and again adding candles, ornaments and lamps can look really strong and be a main focal point in the room given that a bedroom mainly centres around the bed. Fill any blank wall space with a large art print/canvas or slogan. We were more inclined towards decals on the walls of late but actual hanging product is whats needed here. Throughtout all this keep Geometric, Motif, Repeat patterns all in mind to create the “Marrakech” effect.

Trendy Cooking… The kitchen is where the trend takes a little detour. It focuses more on Copper and Terracotta elements rather than colour. White is still featuring here however it’s not the high gloss that has been ever so popular but more a “Bone White” so if you have a wooden kitchen now may be the time to drop the “painting” bomb and give the kitchen a whole revamp  painting the press doors, again I can’t be held for the scrap about painting! However bare in mind its not only the white, really dark teal, navy and green also feature here. Coloured press doors are really big thing now and I expect it wont be going anywhere any time soon either. So with that, if your not respraying or ordering new kitchen doors, stick with what you have and you can get the other elements going to freshen up. Copper accessories or bronze elements something as simple as a kettle and toaster set, pots and pans out for “show” and another big feature will be Cork, as in the cork top of your bottle of wine. From placemats, table runners, signs, to full cork wall features (see pics) These with the copper elements can give you a whole new look to your kitchen.

I don’t believe in revamping the whole house as trends come and go just like the clothes in your wardrobe so I find sticking to things that are simple and cost-effective to change are the way forward. Sticking to neutral  bases of the likes of paint and room colours make it and easy transition to any trend and our next Home post we will zone in on the bigger jobs and getting those bases just right…

Till then, happy refreshing,


Christine x