From Nothing to Something to Wear!

d21ebbb087d266c80bc798f8693aed54So finally I have a fashion piece to bring you all. I’ve been looking forward to this one cause it isn’t just for the Fashionistas, Like All kinds of Everything, its for All Kinds of Everyone. So from Monday morning to Saturday night, and all the days and occasions in between. We will have you opening that wardrobe and there be no “I’ve nothing to wear” its time to have Something to wear 😉

I feel like were about to see a flip 360 in trends as major changes are comin through colours, styles and key items. This does not mean you have to go empty your wardrobe right now and go out and spend a months wages on a new one! However, what you can go throw out right now are your Over the Knee boots & Bomber Jkts, sadly these have had their time in the limelight… But they can be easily replaced, Puffa Jackets are the new Bomber.. as for the boots… the 80’s just called and they are back with a Platform bang!!!

Bold and Bright Colours… Pink, Yellow, Green, with Geometric Prints and Bold Stripes are such a strong statement in trends. On the contrast the romantic look of Ruffles, Soft Pleats, Tulle and Metallic are going to feature right through to the Summer, and you can get your Nannys shoulder pads back out, cause your gonna need them. Bell Sleeves and all things we know and love about the 80’s are flaring back up again!

Seems we know what we need rid of, lets delve into what we NEED, this is where to splash the cash KEY ITEMS comin right up! Shirts, Shirts, Shirts… from crop shirts to shirt dresses and all lengths in between, you will not go wrong with a shirt! Zara and Pennys have a great range in at the minute, mainly embroidery details but the needle and thread situation is key right now and its not going anywhere.

Peg Trousers and Bralettes, now dont go saying, ye if your a size 6, I wouldn’t wear that, lets lose that stigma for a minute here, Bralettes does not mean its a nipple cover and the Trousers don’t have to be skin tight, the whole idea here is High Waisted Trs, Lose fit bigger round the upper leg and peg in at the end, with a Sash Tie these are so flattering so please do not knock them til you’ve gone into the fitting room and tried them 🙂 You can thank me later. A simple Tee or Cami can be dressed up with a nice shoe or sandal, remember, its all getting very casual. However, I cant deny the bralette look is so good, and for added comfort in this outfit a satin or sheer blouse over the bralette can absolutely complete this look.

Skirts are still really big and the tulle most defo isn’t leaving us. But the skirt is getting a make over of Folded Design and Slanted hems to really bring the Geometric statement to another level. But one thing I’m loving is the leather, the selection of coloured and metallic leather skirts, I’m all over these, esp as its so easy to just theme them with a Slogan or Rock tee and you nearly always hit that outfit for under the €50 mark and your not restricted to changing it up with a new tee for a few euro for another run out!

Now, as we covered the embroidery we know its a big thing, but as the Spring progresses the whole Fringing situation is coming round, just in time for Festival season… but we’ll cover that closer the time! Sheer and Organza are a major game player we seen arrive on the scene late S/S 16 but its sticking round, to my delight, and I find the TRF section of Zara are all over this and it fills me with delight. Its so purse friendly and is so easy to dress up or down!

Another big deal for S/S, and again I’m going to recommend Zara for these pieces cause they always seems to get it bang on the money, the white elements, I heart the white, when the days brighten I like my wardrobe too also. But if you prefer the touch of colour, River Islands S/S preview showcased so much white, pastel and sheer product I cant wait to see it all hit the hangers!

Walking into Spring like….. Block heel CHECK Platform CHECK Loafer CHECK Mule (I cant check 🙈) but you can 😂 i just couldn’t bring meself to wear them. Keep your eye out for the Velvet and Embroided Platform, these totally transform and take the outfit from a laid back effort to getting ready required some prosecco…  Theme these with Mini Statement Bags, Oversized Bags and Waistbags (yes those formally known as a bumbag from your holidays in Pontins circa 1993)  Tassel, Chain Straps all giving the rig out that extra va va voom! The days of a simple colour matching clutch are well and truly done!

So, as this was my 1st fashion piece I didn’t want to zone in on any particular trend/item. So I decided to touch on whats new, coming through, sticking round, or bin bound! I cant wait further down the line to focus on particular Trends from Wedding Guest to a 5 for €50 wage treat..

Hope you enjoyed the post,


Christine x