Tanning Thursday

So, its Thursday which means you had the wash, shaved the arms, legs an everything in between and you’re getting yourself into Weekend mode. I don’t come with a wild social life however be it for a night on the tiles or to stroll to the shops I can’t deny I need me glow! I’m so anti-sunbed after a few silly years in me 20’s, so tried and tested bottles that take me from a pasty 2 to a glowing 8 (Nobody needs to be a 10, there’s no Hughies up in here) are as far as my skin shade goes! So be it for longevity or instant here’s the low down.

NOTE: On all tans mentioned I NEVER use the “Dark” shade, I much prefer a Medium shade, and all Tans are applied using the Cocoa Brown Velvet mitt.

So to kick things off, my all time favourite go to Tan, WHITE TO BROWN, and it does exactly what it says on the bottle. I use the lotion but you can get this in the Spray form I know a few salons use it. This is thee perfect Tan Glow. The lotion comes in a 250ml btl for €12, It is a dark thick consistency  which makes it so easy, smooth and visible when applying. It is made to hydrate your skin with extracts of Sunflower Seed Oil and Cocoa Butter. Now one thing I love about this is how long it lasts and the even fade. I do find the lotion fades a lot more smooth than the Spray tan but I never get that “scaley” look from it and bare in mind I am not one of these Exfoliator people, and I don’t Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise… I know the neck of me!!! However this is defo a “Night before” job and you will have to walk round your house in the nude for 20/30mins to let it dry in proper and remain streak or patch free. A light soapy wash the next morning and you are Glowing 🙂 (Sometimes depending on my mood I might add an extra light coat to my legs, just because :)) Now speaking of a nice soapy wash, there is a White to Brown Wash, also a 250ml @ €5, it is amazing, just squirt some onto your hands and rub over your body, don’t use a loufa or facecloth, this tan literally requires a light body wash. It smells amazing and I’m not one to buy into the whole “set” of things but you will not regret adding this to your shower rack, even if you dont use the tan, you will still appreciate the wash, I promise!

Tip: If you or anybody you know are heading to the Irish Beauty Show throw them €15 to pick you up this, they normally have a deal on the Tan and Wash Set there too!

Next, Bellamianta.. This burst onto the Tanning scene and hasn’t looked back since. It’s an Irish Brand, uses only clean ingredients, non-toxic and the best part…. dries in 60 secs. I really like how this goes on, I used it the day of my night out, it dried so fast, the tan was out on me within 2 hours, and I loved it. I used the mouse, it was so easy to apply, it was lovely on, but the only negative thing was when I showered the next day there wasnt much of it left, now in saying that, I probably could have just applied more and built it up so I’m not going to let that turn me off the tan cause I really did love it on and it most definitely did not dry out my skin. This comes in a 200ml Lotion for roughly €20 and the 150ml mouse roughly €24.

Tip: Try build your application and don’t leave it after one application like I did and I imagine thats how it will last longer on your skin.

This brings me to He-Shi… This was my go to tan before I discovered the White to Brown, I love the shade of tan you get from this, it’s a really even golden glow, provided that is, you get the perfect application. This lotion is Liquid Tan, and its like Water, The Mouse wasnt around at the time so….Yes we had many a spill and ruined many a bedset! It’s a hard one for the application as its so runny and its so easy to miss a spot, esp that bingo wing patch I always seem to just forget that exists, it does dry in quite quick though! This is the pricey one, Mouse 150mls is €32, Liquid Tan 150ml is €25 and the 300ml is €48 so obvs if you want to try it, buy the small cheaper one to try 1st just incase you don’t like it, the website has travel size but I’ve not seen them sold on the shelves anywhere!

Tip: This one thrives on the “Goodness” its has that 2017 Beauty buzz word, Jojoba Protein, Almond oil, 100% Natural DHA (Thats the tanning agent), Alcohol and Paraben Free, dont worry what any of these ingredients mean, the fact they’re stating its “Free From” is good enough for me! 

Second in line to my throne, the ever growing brand, Cocoa Brown, What a job Marissa Carter has done here! The 1 hr Tan Mouse, Easy application as it’s the mouse, It dries almost instantly, develops within an hour and I love the shade (Remember I dont use any “Dark” shades)  and it doesn’t smell.. even the husband can bare me wearing this one! This is a smashing €8 and to me is one of the best value for money Tans theres is. Even with it being instant, I get around 3 days out of a decent application, it fades so evenly, everyone compliments my tan when Im wearing this I just cant fault it.

Tip: Make sure to use the Velvet mitt for application and be generous with the mouse, I find that’s what gives it the amazing coverage and even tan.

Now my ever reliant, Saviour of all tans, going round years… Sun Shimmer Light Matte. This is the cream of my crop!!!! Not only do I love this for the ..I have to go to work and look like pasty crap or last minute night out and I’m throwing on Jeans and get away with tanning me feet and ankles cause they’re the only part you’ll see. But the biggest, best, bonus part of this I want to scream from the roof tops… Holidays!! You know yourself your on Holidays to Tan, you don’t want to clog your skin with a spray, and I found before having any sort of tan on, your sweating, in and out of the pool, they fade like a snake shedding a layer of skin. So my best tan tip of all time is bring a bottle of this away with you. I dont care for whatever skin shade I am during the day, but I apply a generous amount of this every night on Hols, after my shower, going off for dinner in a lil dress, shorts, skirt, I literally apply this all over! Now it can feel sticky, but again a lil naked session for 10/15 mins and its dries right in and you can get dressed and take yourself from a 2 to a holiday 8. The best part, wake up in the morning, hop in the shower, quick body wash and you dont have any embarrassing tan patches or shedding at the pool or on your daily stroll! I can’t stress how much a difference this makes to me on hols going out at night, I love the glow from it! It is the best instant tan I have ever used and I will not let a bad word be said about it! Again its a steal at €7 a bottle!!

Tip: Dont buy into the Water resistant Sunshimmer, I tried it once but I would not rate it, so dont be fooled and stick to the standard Light Matte

 I was going to write about a tinted moisturiser for your body but since Dove replaced the Summer Glow with their Derma Spa Summer Revived Body Lotion, I found it hard to find anything as good so no point me recommending the Summer Glow when they dont make it anymore 😦 Listen up Dove, Bring back the Summer Glow!!!

So I hope that was a nice lunch time read, you can hit the Chemist or Boots on your way home, pick up a bottle of Tan, and even wine if your not on the dry, and have a lil pamper night, walk round your house naked if company allows you and enjoy your Thursday Tanning 🙂


Christine x


  1. Debbie says:

    Excellent read 👌🏻 Loving the tips


    1. Thanks Deb glad your enjoying it xx


  2. Eilish says:

    Love that thanks. Agree the Bellamianta is brill. Your right a couple of extra Coates and your laughin. Defo a fav of mine. Xx Good job luv. Xx


    1. Ye I wasnt overly impressed with it but then again I only used the mouse, apparently the lotion is much better xx


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