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I’ve contemplated the last days what was going to make the cut here.. we all have our “Go to” products and these are my recommendations that I swear by for everyday use. Most are purse friendly but one or two luxury products had to be thrown in for good measure πŸ˜‰

This is not in order of preference…

1. Micellar Water: This was the 1st thing that came into my head when I considered this post. I have made clear I am NOT the Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise type of female but in fairness I’ve never suffered in anyway with skin problems. This however is my ultimate product. It is basically a water, it doesn’t contain any perfume or alcohol so you never get that cool sting when you use it and you can use it around your eyes. There is no application, leave, rinse jazz, its as simple as soaking a cotton pad and literally wipe away to your hearts content until the pads come clear. Its suitable for all skin types so even if you suffer from really dry to acne prone skin this will not cause any sort of irritation.

This comes in 400ml bottle @ €4.50, it says its 200 uses but if u use it like me you be buying a bottle every 5/6 weeks.

2. Garnier 2 in 1 Eye Make Up Remover, this is Micellar’s little sister and shes a very good little sister. My research on this tells me this is enriched in Cornflower so it removes even waterproof mascara and is a treat to your eyelashes to keep them in tact and it contains the same PH as your tears, that’s Power of Hydrogen so it doesn’t give that dry feeling when you’ve used it. Again simply soak a cotton pad and wipe the eye area, you wont need to “scrub” your eyes. This is so gentle I have used it on my eyes practically open and its suitable for contact lens wearers.

A 125ml bottle costs rougly €4.00 but this is the opposite to the water, I get so long out of a bottle of this unlike the water.

3. Witchhazel and Tea Tree Back Spray. Now were getting to some gritty bits.. Back break outs! I seldom suffer with this but it happens on a rare occasion, sweating in my sleep in the summer is a major cause or as stupid as it sounds, from rinsing the conditioner from my hair as the last thing I do in the shower can leave my back skin a bit oily. Now the 1st time I bought this I used it sparingly and to be honest I thought it was no use. But I didn’t bare a grudge and in recent weeks gave it another bash and I’m delighted I did. Tea Tree is obvs the spot go to ingredient so this fights the spot bacteria and it reduces redness and inflammation. This is a boots brand product and is in the section of face wipes etc which is clearly where women go, so ladies if your man suffers a back break out, put him wide cause hes not gonna stroll the womens skin care section of Boots πŸ™‚

This is a 150ml so it is a generous size bottle and comes in @ €6.99 (And its nearly always in their 3 for 2 offer)

4. Carmex Lip Balm… Yes Yes Yes…. One thing I do suffer with is chapped lips, and I’m a bold girl for biting the skin on me lips aswell. Well this is my rescue remedy. Vaseline, 8 hour cream, Labello, EOS.. you name it, I’ve tried it and nothing worked for my lips! Now Im not slating 8 hr cream cause I find it great for other uses, esp sunburn on my face, but all other Lip care I found seemed to draw out any moisture in my lips and never actually repaired the skin, but this little baby is everything I wanted and more. It also contains spf 15 and believe it or not, if your not going for a matte look on lipstick, this helps your lipstick last longer, apply it all over when you have applied your lipstick… I thought I had invented that idea until I read up on it, rage!!

Anyway, 10ml tube @ €3.79 and get it with the strawberry scent, this is lip magic!

5. Jo Malone Body Creme This is our 1st “luxury” product and I say that as it comes with a price tag. All scents contain our famous Jojoba seed oils, cocoa seed and sweet almond, all these contribute to a thicker consistency than other body moisturiers I’ve used so it really hydrates and nourishes your skin. It even feels luxurious going on your skin and as it is that thick consistency a small bit goes a long way once you rub it in well. I have to add here though my favorite scent is the English Pear and Freesia, I have the Blush Suede and Peony Perfume and the best thing about Jo is you can use these on their own or spray your perfume over your creme and you get a whole new scent, so its kinda like 3 for 2, but its not really and I’m just trying to justify spending a fortune on body creme and perfume!! Do however ask advice instore as these two scents are from the same “family” so you cant just mix any 2 scents as there are certain ones made to compliment each other!

A 175ml tub comes in at €54.. but its worth every euro, dont judge me!

6. Wet N Wild Brow Kit. This is my everyday brow kit, who even were we all before brows put themselves on the face map! I dont mean to sound dramatic cause Ive no problem leaving me house make up free but even having this on my brows I do feel massive, like I made even a small bit of effort with myself. It comes in its little pack and I mean this pack has everything, a wax to shape the brow and hold the powder (I believe makes it waterproof) 2 shades of powder to fill in with, thee best mini tweezers you will ever find, a brush to apply with and a slide out mirror.. It is so compact and its an absolute steal. Be it for everyday or going out use, please promise me, if you purchase anything off this list it will be this.

Most chemists and Pennys stock this and its a super €3.99

7. Mac Strobe Cream.. Now please no mac huns start on me when I write this little bit, I do NOT claim to know the ins and outs of this product but I do know that I love it. I wont lie I found the first few times I used it (I may off been using too much) but I was finding my skin a little oily/random spots. But I think it was because of the foundation I was using at the time also. So in usual Christine style, I didn’t bare a grudge and gave it another go… and boy am I glad I did. I use this on its own, as a primer or halfo halfo with me tinted moisturiser during the day. Glow Glow Glow.. this brings your skin to light! Its an iridescent, really light consistency and now comes in different shades, like Peach, Red & Silver (I don’t know so don’t ask) but I much prefer the standard original no tint πŸ™‚

Now this wont be to everyones skin taste I can imagine and a 50ml bottle comes in at €26/28 I think, but they do a 30ml travel size for €10 so buy that and try it out before you splash out on a full size and realise you don’t like it.

8. Pippa Palette…. I get not everyone is a make up wearer but I always like light make up day wear going to work and I discovered this at the Beauty Show last year and it opened up my make up world. Basically it contains 6 x eyeshadows, 1 x Blush, 1 x Highlight Powder & 1 x Contour Powder. Now I’ll be 100% honest, I didn’t even know what Highlight/Contour was until I went to use this and watched a few you tube tutorials going out for me 1st Mothers Day. The amount of looks you can achieve with this are endless and the powders are really “light” so they don’t clog onto your skin. I wouldn’t bother with eyeshadow unless I was going “out out” but for day to day make up, tinted moisturiser (I’m using that word a lot so just to let you know I’m currently using the Estee Lauder Double Wear Tinted Moistouriser 50/50 with strobe cream and love it) the blush, highlight, contour are a really light minimal look and its all applied literally in 5 mins, I don’t have 30mins in the morning to stand in front of a mirror putting on a face, I have a 1 year old hurricane. I cant recommend this enough and if your looking to add anything to your make up bag let it be this.

This is available from Blank Canvas Cosmetics @ €36.99

9. Revlon Equave Spray in Conditioner. This is the only hair product to make it to the list. I’m currently experimenting with hair washes and products so watch this space. But back to this one, I have quite fine/normal hair but my god does it get ratty when I give it a wash, yes, I know that’s down to what I’m using, but the scrap I do have with the hairbrush when my hair is wet is not normal, so in steps this savior! There are a few types of this so I use the turquoise Hydro Nutritive Detangling Conditioner. It is made for detangling, its so light and doesn’t leave any sort of residue on your hair. It helps repair dry damaged hair aswell as hydrating and nourishing and smells amazing. A lil trick I’ve learned from using it is you can use more than you need and can cause your hair to become static so spray it in lifting your hair while you spray so it gets in there, don’t spray directly to your scalp, and leave it for around 5 minutes and that brush will glide from root to tip!

A spray 500ml bottle comes in @ €16 but like me good friend white to brown tan, you will get a great deal on the sets at the beauty show!

10. Sudocrem.. Are you even Irish if you don’t have a tub of sudocream in your house! Its like the Jack of all Trades, never mind the 8 Hour Cream, this is the original. We know its an antiseptic cream, for Nappy Rash, Cuts, Graze, Minor burns.. But if your significant other hasnt seen you walk round the house with white creamy patches all over your face, are they even your other half?? Β This is my spot savior and I dont care what anyone says, this is the business and it does excatly what it says on the tin!

A medium sized tub of this comes in @ €4.50 I do get nearly a year out of a tub!

So thats the Top 10 rounded up. Hopefully you all find the few recommendations helpful… If you have any “Go to” you want to put us all wide to, hit me with it and we can post a follow up!

All these products total up to €145.26, lads, Valentines Goodie Bag, just sayin πŸ˜‰


Christine x



  1. Cora says:

    Hi Christine your blogs great I really enjoy it, I constantly try different make ups, primers the lot and any of the ones who mention “glow” or promise a dewy youthful look just makes me look like a greasy house wife with a big shiny forehead! I know all this highlighting is “in” but do you think it’s for younger girls not 40 year olds. I seem to be turning I to my granny and not leaving the house without my face powder incase I get a glimpse of a “shine”. I don’t like heavy make up during the day so use cheapo flomar which I have to say is a great skin match and good coverage without been too obvious. What would u recommend for daytime wear good coverage but light and definitely no shine lol. I have normal skin maybe a bit oily on t bar


    1. I use the flormar bronzer I think its a great brand! Im using the double wear tinted moisturiser at the minute and its a real matte finish hence why I add the strobe cream for that little glow. Now like the foundation double wear is known as the “cement” its that matte and its made to last the day, you will defo need to use at least the micellar water and ensure you take it off at the end of everyday. If you find this isnt working or the strobe cream is too much, theres a range called Catrice, pennys stock it and they have a brilliant primer its only €3/ €4 but I also swear by this. The loreal true match foundation i found this light enough to use also… So I suggest trying out the double wear or true match with the strobe cream, if you find that too shiny try the primer and if you still feel oily/glowing too much then I would defo say to invest in the pippa palette and use that for the highlighter as its just a powder. I most definitely do not think theres an age restriction on highlighting, dont get bogged down in it your not going all winged eyeliner on yourself its just for that simple day look. What I will do is a post on all this for you. I will add photos of it all step by step, and hopefully that will help you. I will try my best to get it up by the end of the week. I also suggest maybe going to eeste lauder and asking for a sample of the double wear tinted moisturiser, get the travel size strobe cream, try them out and see how it looks and feels for you, then if your not completely comfortable with that try the true match an catrice primer. I hope this helps. Any more question’s fire away. Thanks so much for the feedback xx


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