Be Our Guest… Top to Toe, to the wedding you go!

I know I was on a promise a few days for this one, but if you’re a regular reader, you can rejoice in the fact this is my 1st post that I can add my images in between topics. For this reason it took a bit longer than expected seems I can now add multiple pics.. This saves me from attaching one pic collage to every piece, so it makes me a very happy bunny!

Now back to the topic 🙂 Weddings, the invitation came, its ages away but now all of a sudden its in 3 weeks and you’re in a wardrobe/hair/accessorie funk!!! Panic no more, here is a low down on top to toe Clothes, Shoes, Jewellery, Hair, and sure we covered the make up so revert back to “Coming to a make-up bag near you” and you will find all you want to know 🙂

So to kick this off the most important part THE OUTFIT.. I love how Wedding guest trends have expanded their horizons, don’t feel limited in selection here. Of course there’s the ever reliant Dress but Jumpsuits, Playsuits, Trouser Suits and Skirts have got it all going on. As the award season has shown us Pink and Yellow are thee colours to aim for, however if you are not the colour adventurous type, pastel lemon and blush can work. Personally I love the opportunity to “Dress up” for a Wedding so I’m the type to advise not to hold back.

With a lot of Weddings abroad, the tulle is a major go to material for me here, its light and is so easy to style. It also give you the option to wear long options without sweating the bejaysis out of yourself. I’ve noticed a lot of embroidered tulle pieces floating round (Needle and Thread) which is also a big trend for the Spring/Summer.

If your going for a budget, I highly recommend Asos, they have an abundance of outfits to choose from, and with that they have a whole Wedding Outfit section dedicated to the Guests! If you want to splash the cash, Needle and Thread, Self Portrait and Virgos Lounge will be bang on the money.

Will white be alright??  Some Brides prefer Guests not to opt for the white attire, personally I didn’t have a problem with any guest in white at my Wedding, sure I even put my Bridesmaids in it, I love white at a wedding but if you aren’t going to be comfortable maybe skip on it. It is down to your own choice but the Bride may not appreciate it (Sorry Brides) So girls this one is your call!

When your choosing your outfit, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is “Are you comfortable in it?” Your going to be in the outfit for the day, eating and probably feeling bloated after a big feed and lets face it, more than likely a lot of Drinks and dancing. So with slits, off the shoulder options, long, short options.. MAKE SURE YOUR COMFY and all bits are remaining in tact 😉

Tall, Small, Curvy and Preggers Mc Greggers: If unlike me you have the height advantage, I find the Jumpsuit is one of your best options, most tall girls struggle to find dresses that keep their bodies in proportion, but these are so flattering. Petite girls, like myself, the tulle skirt or a skater style dress is the most complimenting style to suit those short legs or body (Chi Chi London do an excellent range of these). For the curvy girls, the midi dress is the one to keep that shape alive. They don’t take away from being tall or short and something with a nip on the waist will most definetly give them curves a run for their money. Coming back to Asos, I had 2 Weddings when I was pregnant and I swear there was nothing to be had for me, I actually borrowed a dress for one of the Weddings cause I was stressing myself out shopping maternity this and that, but Asos have a really good on trend range at the minute from off the shoulder numbers to lace and tulle options.

Many options are plain below but focus more on the style than the material to get the Outfit Inspo…


Ive inserted a few more options below keeping the Bell Sleeves and Ruffles alive. These are HUGE for 2017!


Big Hair don’t care: Waves, Plaits, Pony Tails, Up or Down, it’s all systems go in the hairmessers! One tip I will give when it comes to your luscious locks is.. if the outfit is fussy, keep your hair simple and vice versa! Subtle up do’s are a big yes from me. If like me you have 10 hairs on your head and struggle to give it any sort of volume or style, then let her at it with the backcombing and become a new hair woman for the day, whether it’s a curled or plaited up do this will certainly give your look that umph that you desire. If you have thick long hair, vintage curls, boho waves yes yes yes! So if you opted for that elegant outfit sleek ponytails are the go to option. The straighter the better. If your paranoid with your hair off your face, leave a piece down, sleek it in a parting and tuck from behind your ears, you wont feel so bare faced. And as ever with any boho look, a few lose wave, curls to sit losely at the side or sitting out of the do is your options here. Again don’t be afraid to show the messer an image of your desired do (Ive atttached some here for you, Im sound like that) or if you feel it’s a bit of a complicated one, go in and have it done before hand as a trial!


So thats the Clothes, Hair and if you looked back make up ticked of the list!

A little treat for your dancing feet (Have flip flops at the ready obvs but sure you get my drift)

I for one am defo praising the rise of the block heel and the demise on the pressure to wear a 4.5 inch heel to feel dressed up!!! Dont get me wrong I love a high heel and platform but the block heel is without a doubt not going anyhwere. Whats great about this is all shoe shops and brands have revelled in this and they too are available in abundance! Where shoes are concerned, I tend to find, no matter what the colour of your outfit a Silver, Gold, Rose Gold or Metallic sandal or shoe will most defo lift that outfit to a 10.. Again go for whats comfortable for yourself here. I find River Island are a great go to for the shoes, esp if you’re looking for that barely there sandal, they also currently have amazing copys of Manolo Blanik Stilettos, Gucci Mules, Velvet barely there and amazing embroidered block heels. My good friends over at Zara currently have a strong shoe game on their hands at the minute too.

Wise Accesor-ise: I use the word wise cause sometimes Accessories can kill the look, whether there’s too much or too little this is where you need to pay close attention, and also not spend a fortune. Statement earrings, yes Pat butcher is back with a bang, are the biggest change up to accessorie trends this year. I like to look at it this way, if I have big earrings I don’t need big neck pieces and if I have a statement neck piece I defo don’t need big earrings, I would opt for fancy studs/jewelled discs if that makes sense 🙂 Rings are also a major game player with midi rings making their mark, I really like this look however I do think its more suitable to the boho look. And with that, the more dainty the jewellery on the boho look the better. If there is any sort of higher neck or detail on the neck of your dress, question will a neck piece take away from the look on the dress and would earrings cut it here for you?! I’m not the biggest Forever 21 fan but I do have to give their jewellery a shout here, it’s not an extensive range but its as cheap as chips and does the job, but I can’t not mention the usual suspects Pennys, Zara and though it may be a little bit more on the pocket River Island cant be faulted for Jewellery trends. Again without breaking down each trend Ive attached images (You know the way i can do that now ;)) to give you an idea of what sort of jewellery to be on the look out for, again these are just for the inspo!

So thats my current offerings on Wedding Guest Inspiration and I hope you’ve came away with a few ideas and I helped narrow down your selection of what you’re looking for! With 3 Weddings this year I’ve already started outfit shopping for myself (Im on a tulle frenzy) so keep an eye on the Facebook page for my purchasing posts!

Thanks for coming,


Christine x