The “V” word ❤

So here we are, another year, another February, another V Day! Like I said on the FB, I am all about Valentines (I kinda feel me dislike for Halloween is invested into this other “non-holiday” occasion) If your one of those people that hate it, its all a money scam, you shouldn’t need a day to tell someone you love them, if you do you need to question your relationship, its all a load of crap… Well I just stick me tongue out an give you the middle finger cause I LOVE IT.. I love everything about it!

Now before I tuck in here, yes I am in a relationship, yes I tell him everyday I love him, and no I do not spend a fortune on it. I enjoy it. Simple as that. Not in an airy fairy way, I just enjoy it, I like it, no actually, I LOVE IT!!! I spent a looonnnngggg time single and I never hated on anyone celebrating it, so please people, leave them to it, each to their own. And if anyone makes you feel silly for celebrating it, well sure just pop back here.. Cause were all about the love up in here.

Now, heres my lil fun, cost effective ways to celebrate. Both for Men, Women, Taken or Single.. Treat them, treat yourself. Why not. So heres how I go about it… Yes he’s ruined I know!!

So every Valentines morning, without fail, I make the love heart brekkie, dealz have all these supplies from €1.49. Now I bought them all in Tesco 3 yrs ago (who also do great lil funky gestures cheap too) and I make the love heart-shaped fried egg, I stamp I love you into his toast and I hand him his cuppa in his love heart mug and I sit there with a big cheesy grin on me face and enjoy me annual V Day brekkie!


For Her:

I based these on some homemade efforts, I do homemade, I make giant homemade cards, it’s just me 🙂 But the best thing about homemade is its personal. Your 1st stop should be Pennys, cause if your female significant other is not a Pennys Hun, well frankly she needs to question that!! So head in the door, normally down the back of the shop is the pj and underwear section, you are not going in here for nipple tassels or crotchless cheap thongs.. all she wants is pjs.. they come in all shapes, sizes, trends and the best part, themed! From movies, characters, programmes something in there will make you think of her. Or if she’s a lady, plain satin pjs and make your way to a stitch it stand and have her initials sewn into the pocket. Down to the beauty section in Pennys, the PS range of Face mask, mosituriser and serum, its 3 seperate items, this in total is €10.50, or if shes above the PS range, L’Oreal clay masks are currently half price in Tesco, they’re all the rage this week. Now to the homeware section you go and pick up some scented candles.. If you want to go all out with these, have a bath ran and the goodies sat in a bag ready and waiting for her. Pick up a bottle of her fave drink, wine, prosecco, lemonade even fat free water and throw in a bag of her favourite jellies or biscuits for good measure… Get a €2 gift bag, attach a lil balloon to the bag with her card inside, it’s the little touches 😉

Other ideas I have for you is the date jar, The Art and Hobby shop sell the lolly sticks, write down a date idea on each one, now make sure they’re realistic, ya don’t want her whipping one out and its going to cost a fortune or take you out of the country, COST EFFECTIVE. Things like a walk in the park, a trip to the zoo, a drive through Maccers, all the little things you enjoy doing as a couple, then pop them into a glass jar and you can both kill each other over when she’s allowed take one out. Now you can throw in ideas such as have a girls night, or baby free night but if you want to keep it to the two of you, stick to the dates, just remember she might pull that girls night out on the very same evening Utd are playing Liverpool and boom you have the match in peace.. just saying!

However if you’re opting for the whole serenading thing, pop into boots with your phone, print a few photos and get a pack of balloons from the pound shop and stick a photo to the end of each balloon, imagine her comin out of the bath to that. Your in there like swimwear son! (See image below)

Now the images on the left and right are from a page called Glitznpieces and they do the best ever personalised things, initial cups, candles, phone covers and loads of little bits and pieces, obvs it’s too late to order online but please bare this place in mind they have the best lil gifts to fill the “Goodie Bags” for Birthdays, Anniversarys etc.

Going the Extra Mile: Aldi are currently selling dupes (Thats like a copy but its legal) of Jo Malone candles, if your near an aldi get these instead, and pick her up a rose while your there too!


So without further adieu, Lets hear it for the Boys….

For Him

The men, although they wont admit it are a lot more finicky about whats gonna go into their bag. They arent as generic as us women for pjs and a few candles so try zone in on what they enjoy, as a man, they would have a face on if ya tried holding them to a date jar, or putting them in a bath.. unless your bloke is one of them new generation, love a face mask type, get into Tesco and get them that half price L’Oreal clay mask!!

If your with the sporty type, like for instance, Im a golf widow most Sunday mornings, so I recently added the Golf Mags to his Goodie Bag, Im a swine for using his razor so I tend to “replace” one of them, and he has this thing, ya know they way they all have a thing, his is foot socks, he only wears foot socks Mon-Fri so I always put in a pack of them. Most men, for some reason, and I discovered this on research, have a thing about what Shampoo they use. So pop a bottle of that in! Another thing himself is easy to buy for is his sweet tooth, so like the women they’re fave jellies or biscuits.

Now if your looking to get anything out of him, as we know the “Date Jar” isnt ideal for him, but the coupons are defo the way to their head/heart/trs. Get a few blank cards, and pop a few “Adult Behaviour” vouchers together. He will never refuse the option to whip one of these out!

Going the extra mile: So a blokes spree isnt as simple as their run to Pennys for us, but added extras, if he likes a football bet, throw in a Paddy Power voucher. Dont be afraid to personailise their jellies or Dortios or even a 2 pack of pens for his desk. (See below) 


Gifts for all, big and small, cheap… and one not so cheap, but defo recommended!

A few ideas I came across on Pinterest (That place where I waste hours of me life)..

If your not feeling the Brekkie, decorate his fruit.. Im not messing, fruit puns are a thing!!

Pear: We make a great “pear”

Pineappple: If you were a fruit you would be a “FINEapple”

Bananas: Im “bananas” about you

Apple: You are the “apple” of my eye.


This is cheesy to a 10, but I love it, cause I vision meself on that Winning Streak chair, so a simple:

“I won the lotto when I met you” and a few  scratchies or quick picks attached is the job here!

This is the blow out! Lets face it, we’ve all seen the car boot image, Louis and Chanel bags shopped out and hes spent a years salary on presents but sure look, we dont need that. So how about whisking them away.. I have one place and one place only to recommend and that is the Seafield. It is the ultimate “couple” go to relaxation. They exhale everything couple, rooms, spa, treatments and they nearly always have an offer on the likes of Groupon or Pigsback so jump on that if the chance comes up. They currently have an offer running themselves for a last minute deal B&B and use of the thermal spa for €70pp. This place has to be seen to be belived and its located in Gorey, Wexford so its only an hours drive from Dublin! 

One that features in the pics is a bedsheet board game. Now this seems like so much fun.. Id love to try it but maybe next year Im not prepared for it this year. But a cheap sheet and a few boxes with your “suggestions” on it and a set of dices.. off you go! From “you make the dinner tomorrow” to you “get control of the remote” or again, throw in the adult behaviour… for good measure!! Im defo gonna do this and give you all my tips on it when I do get round to it!!!

The last and my fave is the 10 things I love about you box, you cant get much more personal than that! 

So that rounds up Valentines for 2017, I totally didnt realise it was on Tuesday!

Whatever way or whoever you spend it with.. Be sure to have a treat ❤


Christine x