Great Hair, Cause you care!!!

Welcome all to my latest piece where we are going to look at all things gruaig and hair-messers.

Its hard to narrow this one down because as we know hair comes in so many different forms.. Long, Short, Dry, Oily, Thick, Thin… Im hoping as usual with All Kinds of Everything, we have something for everyone!

So to kick this off we will go straight into the washing..

1st up: How often.. This may vary with a lot of people. I went through a nuisance phase a few years back of washing it everyday πŸ™ˆ and it took time to train meself into snapping out of that buzz! I never realised how bad for your hair it was at the time, I was litreally stripping it of all its natural oils! Shame on me! But like I said I trained meself out of the habit and if your in any bad habits like washing it too much or straightening, curling it everyday, you too need to get off that buzz! Now I would wash my hair 2 maybe 3 times a week and that is plenty.

I have that type of hair that isnt excatly oily but its prone to becoming greasy quite easily. This is the best tip I can give you if your hair is in anyway prone like my own and that is use a clear shampoo. I find these also help encourage the shine. Creamy shampoos tend to leave a residue on your hair and you be lucky to 1. Get a day out of it without needing another wash and 2. If your going to try style it in any way it wont hold for you. If your the opposite and suffer with the dry, frizzy kind, a creamy shampoo (used correctly) will give you all the moisture and nourishment you need.

Another thing I do if I feel my hair and scalp need a good scrub is give it 2 shampoos, its not very often I do this but if Ive been sporting a hunbun an lacing the hairspray into me hair I can feel the build up of it all in my hair and one go just wont complete the job for me. Of course make sure both rounds are completely rinsed before going at the conditioner.

Now, speaking of conditioner like I said Ive quite fine hair so again I dont like a heavy thick conditoner and use a really light one. This is turn however can cause my hair to still be a little knotty when Im done and thats where my detangler steps in. I follow the conditioner golden rule “Start at the ends and work it up your hair, never apply directly to the scalp.

So thats the washing done, now we’re onto the drying and styling..

I towel dry the hair and spray the detangler in all over, (Revlon Equave) throw it into a grip and go about me business for a few minutes. Then I can glide the brush from tip to root (always start at the bottom and work your way up) and your good to go.


When it comes to drying your hair, I can’t do natural dry or I end up smothering with a cold two days later, but the one thing I dont cut corners with is the hairdryer. Hand on my heart I buy the Peter Mark dryers and I swear in the last 10 years I’ve only gone through two of them. They’re that good and you will literally get 5 years out of one when your just using it domestically for yourself. Boys if your reading on the sly, open your memo from the other tips I gave ya and add this to the wishlist, what girl doesn’t long for a new hairdryer πŸ˜‰ your welcome. Now, back to Hairdryers.. So ye the Peter Mark ones, they range at €59.90/€69.90 depending on the power or the engine for want of a better word. I couldn’t justify the two hundred and odd euro on a GHD one and I honestly haven’t seen many reviews on them either. Now if you really want to get personal, and only I got a new PM one this one would certainly have pride of place in my hair drawer, The Lanaiblo. These are the ones you can get personalised with your name on them. I haven’t used it but I’ve asked round a few owners and they are raving about it. The USP on these is that its beneficialal for the stenos, its anti static and lightweight. Its comes in 3 different colours, White, Black & Pink  €99.99 plain and €114.99 personalised.


When I try blowdry my hair meself, I just look and feel like one of those akaward left handed people (I am left handed by the way, but I can normally handle it) so it just doesn’t happen for me. So to give my hair a lil root lift, I brush the whole front of my hair down my face so its as if Ive brought forward all the hair that would be on top at my parting, and give the rolly brush a lil backward dig in to lift the hair and pull it through.. dry the whole top of your hair like this so wen you flick it back into place you’ve basically dried it the opposite direction that it sits therefore its up from the root.

Straightners and Curlers/Wands: When it comes to straighners we really should avoid them but I have to admit, I have to straighten my hair when Ive washed it or its just scraggy, no two ways about it. So I’m sorry but I need the straightener. I have this Remington one about 2/3 years now and cant fault it. I got in an event in Boots half price for €48.

Curling the hair I have one go to product. The Babyliss curling wand, again this is only €36 in Boots (I’ll have yas rackin up them Boots points, which by the way is the best loyalty card any shop offers if you ask me. If you dont have a boots card, get one) But it does excatly what it says on the tin. For the chunky wave curls or a lose boho curl or a tight Shirley Temple this one wand can offer all three. If your looking for that volume on curls esp for an occasion my top tip here is: Wand the hair as early an possible even the night before than put it into rollers, backcomb the root of each section going into the roller if you really want that volume. If the night before isnt feaseable well get them in as early that day as possible!

So thats the washing drying and styling done so Im just gonna throw out a quick product recommendation for you.

Shampoo and Conditioner:

Oily/Easily greased hair I recommend the Tresemme Detox range. This will get rid of any residue or product build up in your hair and then move onto the clear lightweight shampoo, if you colour your hair their Colour Revitalise is a good one too, its a clear lightweight Shampoo and really helps lock that colour in, pre pregnancy this was all I ever used. All tresemme is currently on offer in boots for €4 a bottle!

If you have normal hair and again you colour it, it may be pricey but the Redken Colour Extend would be my top recommendation. The shampoo and conditioner are €16.50 & 18.50. I know they damage the bank account but they are worth it πŸ‘

One esp for the Blondies, this one can not be disputed.. If you bleach your hair we can’t deny, can leave your hair feeling and looking like chewing gum.. If you suffer with this, suffer no more! KΓ©rastase Ciment Anti-Usure..Β this is a purse string puller aswell at €23.50 & €24.50 but will be your rescue remedy for bleached blonde hair. It pays to be beautiful πŸ’†

Thinning Hair was something I suffered so bad after having a baby. It was bad enough to feel like I only ever had 10 hairs on me head.. well this made it feel like 5 πŸ˜‚ I tried everything wash wise including health shop skin hair & nail vitamins but they didn’t bring any sort of improvement. So after some investigating I came across Nixion. You can get a trial pack for €33.60 it comes with 2x 150ml bottles and a scalp treatment so they are a generous size. This range comes in Β “6 systems” in other words its designed for 6 different hair types. But the option for thinning hair was the one I went for and it didnt disappoint.

Although I was happy with the results, Im now back using my Tresemme Colour Extend with the Equave Detangler.


If you feel your hair is suffering step up to Nioxin or Kerastase for a few weeks and build your hair up. I have found Peter Mark is the best place to buy Β I swear they arent paying me for this post even though I have them plastered all over it πŸ˜‚ but I always find the staff so clued in on their product knowledge and on top of that they always do offers on their products and gift sets like 20% off etc so I would recommend going to them if your confused or want more knowledge on what product to use.

While were here, the only other product I would use in my hair is Hairspray. I love the the Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hairspray for the strongest hold you can imagine so esp for any sort of up do and the bottle is HUGE. If your looking to hold a curl, Loreal Elnett, I find it quite light and litreally brushes out of your hair. For a cheap decent handbag bottle, the Boots range is so good and the handbag size bottle I dont think is even €1.

I tried to touch on as much options of Hair Care here as possible without writing a Novel, but yas know me! Here’s hoping we’ve grazed over most topics and should you have any queries or want more in depth information just ask. I’m more than happy to do the research for you.


Christine x