Sprinkling the dust where the magic happens… 

Heya’s 🖐🖐 Im back! 

Just going to get straight to it, Im delighted to bring you all, as promised before, updating on a budget! Rather than do it on a whole we will take it room by room (I do have the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to bring you but we’re gonna be selfish here and look after ourselves first)

So, I moved into my house 5 years ago and one thing I was set on doing and still am, is making sure every room is different. Different colour, different theme, different feel and vibes. I know the whole Grey/White/Velvet thing is so big now, its amazingly fresh, its my living room, but theres absolutely no need for every room in your house to have the exact same colour & decor. I scroll Pinterest, lose hours of me life and yes its all amazing…. and cream, and white, and grey, and covered in candles but the reality is 1. I could never achieve that with a child, but 2. Change it up, colour it up, theme it up, all it takes is a tin of paint and 1 or 2 touches! 

I have however still added pics below of the whole Grey/White/Velvet cause no denying its stunning 😍

So back to the “Where the Magic happens” we’re sprinkling the dust… the bedroom WAS all shades of Khaki and Gold with white furniture. The walls were safari green, the bed and curtains and feature wall paper were damask gold, and the wardrobes kitted out in ikeas white high gloss finest.. fast forward 5 years, I’d freshened the paint but was still looking at the same curtains, wallpaper, duvet covers etc. So no room needed more of a freshening up than this one.. 

At the foot of the bed, was a basket/shelved tall boy wardrobe that didnt even sit back into the alcove losing about 2ft of space due to a slanted roof behind it. 

This room needed a major pick-me-up with a minor budget, we arent all made of money 😉 

1st things 1st, the paint. I knew I wanted to keep this very neutrel as one thing I found with the original room was it was hard trying to find matching duvet sets for ur curtains or wallpaper, prints constantly change, themes and colours on the go. So this was a no brainer to keep it simple so I can be open to any duvet set I see. The wallpaper was taken down, never to be replaced and I chose the lightest mint tint in the colour chart and painted the whole room. Its so fresh and clean, still brings colour and doesn’t restrict your decor. This pic has the best light showing the paint shade. I do have the shade code somewhere if anybody wants it 😂

Next big step was getting rid of the space wasting tall boy and I had the brainwave to replace it with 2 tall chest of drawers, do you even have to ask (Ikea 😂) they were €90 each but given they are the taller ones the space in them cant be faulted. Worth every penny and this made way for the telly (that is yet to still) go on the wall and the patch to be painted. On the topic of the chest of drawers I love the top of them kept simple, clean, clutter free. I have my day perfume, a little frame I had no home for that I wanted on display and a candle. In this case, less is defo more 😍 (My Mother’s day card is contradicting that last sentence in this pic 😂) 

Next up was my headboard… this was my proudest DIY moment. I had seen some fab fabric in Home Focus at Hickeys in Blanch, it was pearly toned cream, and I loved it. After a lil scrap over a headboard from where I bought the bed, I was headboard-less. I priced round and the best of a bad bunch was not cheap. So, onto Littlewoods I went, a plain cream leather headboard €60, and this fab fabric €50.. Voila! It turned out perfect. It’s just stapled at the back with a staple gun. I lined it up nice and neatly an popped away.. heres the finished product for 1/3 of the price. 

Now having removed the wallpaper “feature wall” I still needed to add a lil something.. So again, Ikea, high gloss shelf and into Pennys, Homestore and Ikea, again for a few copper, frame, candle bits to add a lil tone to the room (remember how big copper is going to become from the “Putting a spring to your housing step” post https://allkindsofeverythingx.com/2017/01/12/putting-a-spring-in-your-housing-step/

The last big change I made was in my wardrobe. We have the sliderobe from yes.. iiiiii… wont even finish the shop name 😂😂 Now what I love about these is, you can constantly change round, add to, take away, shelves, racks, rails, baskets as you please. This was the most expensive part for me and I was quite surprised it was the guts of €100 for a glass front draw, glass shelf and jewellery tray pull out.. but I love it. Im using the drawer for all my hair products and its top drawer (excuse the pun) I got the organising boxes “there” for €12 but how handy are they for clips, brushes, bobons 🙌🙌 its fantastic interior organisations feels.. just see for yourself below ⬇⬇

The final added touch was avoiding the whole bedside locker/junk gatherer situation. So instead I got 2 of the small floating shelfs €6 each from you know where and put the a lamp on each (Im yet to find nice lamps these are recyled from the original room) I had bought the cardboard initials for the bigger shelf but they made it too crowded so against my husband’s wishes Ive placed them beside the lamps 😆 I think they’re a nice touch… 

So the price rundown.. 

€40 Paint

€90 Chest of Drawers (Selling the wardrobe that was there covered this cost)

€110 Headboard & Fabric

€24 All 3 Shelves

€20 Shelf display 

€100 Glass Front Drawer, Shelf & Jewellery Organiser 

€294 minus the €180 for the chest of drawers. 

This was a complete overhaul of our room but even the paint and shelf is enough to totally revive a room. And that is certainly cost effective. 

Don’t hold back sharing any of your updating ideas or pictures. 

Its good to be back.

See you for the next post! 


Christine ❤