Welcome to Joeys Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Welcome to my 1st proper official kiddos post πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§πŸ‘Ά 

As you may of seen from my previous piece updating my bedroom, I let my son in on the act aswell.. Hes developing his own lil personality and finding his own likes and dislikes and with that comes his lil pals.. Mickey Mouse being his bestie. We had done a neutral room when I was pregs as we didn’t find out the gender so as he’s growing his room needs to grow with him. 

So, I took myself to my favourite place for inspiration.. Pinterest. I lose hours of my life on this thing and its probably the reason I splurge on the house so much cause I do just want everything I see. A simple Mickey Mouse Boys Bedroom into the search box and I was flying. 

Heres a few before pictures of the room.. 

So 1st things 1st was the colour scheme. Red, Black, Yellow, White. A lot of the pins were all red walls and Mickey Mouse handles on every draw but I got so many ideas. I didnt want to start painting walls red and black and really liked the fresh white paint with the grey wall so I decided to keep them and just get a fresh coating. 

The furniture didn’t change either, I just added a shelf set and got him a bigger cot. So the budget was basically adding nick nacks to the room and the best feature, wall decals! I used Decals from KGB wall decals and I had them ordered and delivered from a screenshot online within a week for €45. They were so efficent and easy to deal with I would highly recommend them. I had a quote by Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it” and a silhouette of the man mouse himself. 

Next in the decor was the canvas’. If you followed the fb page you’d of seen these were the original canvas I had bought in pennys for €3 on sale and covered them in material, so for this theme I bought the Mickey Mouse bedset from Smyths for €20 and basically cut it up and used that to cover them. It meant by buying a 2nd one the whole room was matching  (Its not on the bed in the pics though πŸ˜‚) 

*If your looking for blank canvas Lidl currently have a 3 pack for €4.99 πŸ–’

Next up was my trip to Ikea to finish off the colour scheme and add a lil more to the theme. I bought the shelf set here for €45 and added in the black and yellow boxes for €3 each. They just so happened to have a black and white striped yellow lid wash basket, a steal at €6. They must of known I was coming because the next thing I came across was a red balloon wall light, how ideal! That was only €7.50. But then they let the side down, do you think them or any shop in the whole of Dublin had a nice red rug.. No would be the answer. The answer I know because I tried EVERYWHERE!!!!! For a reasonable price obviously.. so they did have 2 semi circle door mats so I just improvised and made a full circle sticking two together πŸ€— 

I struggled to find something to fill the half shelf with, looking for a figurine or something to fill up and I ended up sitting one of his MM teddys he has on it and it was perfect. So we gave him a little Ireland flag to hold too, Just because πŸ˜‚ 

I then added a multi photo frame from our 1st holiday and added a few books and toys to the shelfs and it was complete. 

In total the price rundown:

  • Decals €45
  • Canvas €20
  • Wash basket €6
  • Balloon Light €7.50
  • Red Matt €6 

Not every room will need the shelf unit I just opted for that as extra.

Total: €84.50 

I thought it was all great value for money and I was thrilled with the results, here they are… 

Needless to say I had one very happy boy in his new clubhouse..

If only his mouskatool could be go to sleep dust at his bedtime I would be ecstatic πŸ˜‚ 

Thanks for visiting the clubhouse and All Kinds of Everything, dont forget to share any of your own ideas or if you need any ideas or inspo Im right here πŸ–’ 


Christine x