Mondays Screenshot Scenario πŸ“ΈπŸ“Έ

If your anything like me your phone is clogged with screenshots that make their way through every watsapp group you have going on.. Between Snapchat (which I love for the clothes esp Pennys and River, If Zara have one please put me wide) Insta and FB Im surrounded by little voices screaming BUY ME BUY ME BUY ME.. 

So I like to have a lil album of my screenshots “Wishlists” now some things are just the latest trend, others are what I like to call investments, thats the expensive stuff! I always like to have a nice Bag, Watch and the one Ive yet to invest in, Shoes! Nobody needs to be droppin €300 on a pair of ninnes. Unless your bank account is full of numbers, and not like mine, the minus kind πŸ˜‚

So I decided to brighten your Monday with some inspo for the Month of May and a few things you can treat yourself to with the upcomin payday. I like this idea cause it doesn’t just zone in on one topic so without further adue (and me waffling about screenshots) heres whats made the cut. 

Here we go πŸ›πŸ›πŸ›

I know I go on about this place, but looking at this pic its easy to see why ~ Zara! I just love when they move trends forward and online is not disappointing me what so ever! Nautical vibes are a go go as always with the start of summer and what I love about them is you will always get a wear out of any pieces you have so recycle, recycle, recycle. This trend always swings back around every year so if your investing in any summer bits, look no further! This culotte jumpsuit €49.95 and frill sleeve dress €39.95 are ideal to wear for a night out with a high shoe to dress it up, and if you’ve any upcoming holidays put it in the case and they’re perfect with flats for the night time. The Metallic Stilettos €69.95 πŸ™ˆ (I know) and Fuscia Mules €59.95 (I ordered them yest 😍) scream everything shoewear is responsible for this S/S that being those jewel tones πŸ‘Œ Dress up or down with a dress or jeans and your working them 4 inches like nobodies business! 

If theres one thing I love about TRF though its the value of their casual wear, they are as cheap! Their runners start at €15.95 (the onces featured are €19.95) and they really funk up the look, even if its just plain tee and jeans kinda day! But the next one on my hitlist is defo this denim waistcoat, they have some fab and albeit, some outrageous, pieces in their denim collection but its still all great value for money! This check dress is €29.95 with the waistcoat over it 😍 its already in me virtual bag online!

Next in line I bring you River Island, but Im sorry to say, apart from accessories lately it is so disappointing and even at that, whats more disappointing is the prices of the screenshots thats made it to me wishlist πŸ€”πŸ€” 

Sunglasses I get it average  β‚¬17-€22 and I love these round eyed ones I purchased a while back, I have one of those weird shape faces and find it hard to find sunglasses to suit but I have to give credit here, theres an extensive range that won’t let you down. With Gingham being the fashion buzzword right now how could you not love this crossbody 😍 and surprisingly its a steal @ €24.. The sandals are really at the top of the list but previous River Sandal Experience is going against me to pay €37.. But sure look, we do what we gotta do an spend what we have to spend πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

HOWEVER This lil number is nowhere to be found and sold out everywhere so put a girl wide if you come across. This is on the priority list πŸ’”

Moss Cottage where do I even start! This shop epitomizes everything a quirky shop should be.. Mugs, Cards, Stationery, Homeware, Gifts and all occassions inbetween this needs to be your go to place. At this stage now Id say 30% of my screenshots are Moss Cottage.. Birthday, Pregnancy, Announcements, Arrivals, Hens, Wedding.. I could go on but just please promise me you will even check out her Insta, but dont blame me when you want EVERYTHING!!! My current hitlist is defo the funky blow up drink holders, straws and a cup or two AND I want to get my hands on a Happiness Planner! But no doubt any hens or wedding coming up, get on it. No point in me giving a price rundown of the items as there are so many hit up the website and get your uniqueness going.. 

No piece on screenshots would be complete without a little Pri-Mar-Che (Thats Primark/Pennys) Their S/S clothing is bang on the euro, the 1st top looks like it came from Zara πŸ‘Œ the 2nd Dress, that pinky crushed/crinkly dress of my pennys dreams….. €12…. where would you get it 😍 and the rust heels, soon as they hit the shelfs I’ll have no problem buying them with me bread and milk money πŸ™Œ One thing I always like to treat myself to, new bedclothes. And this featured set will not look out of place in my newly refurbished bedroom! But, hold the Pennys PS Phone… The suncream range, including kids… All. Over. It. I do love the value for money on the Cien Lidl suncreams but €4 for these, is there anything the PS range cant do!!!!! 

Here we have another sold out item, the frill jeans.. But word on the aisle of Pennys from one staff member to a customer of Blanchardstown (That customer being me) is that they are due back in stock in the next few weeks! #AnotherPriorityItem 

But the top of that priority list lies these flats 😍😍 Im just gonna leave this here… 

So, thats us all broke for another few weeks! Im sorry if you read this and now feel the need to go shopping but sure look, Im opening me screenshot gallery everyday to all this… Life is too short, just buy it πŸ˜‰ 

Broke Christine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ x