Here comes the “Bridal” Girls!!

I’ve decided to take another bang on a Wedding piece! As I said before, wedding posts are so complex and I do end up rabbiting on so I decided best to milk these wedding posts an do them all bit by bit. There was an even mix this week from weddings to hens on all me newsfeeds so I said sure we’ll give one for the Girls.. BRIDEMAIDS!!!!!! 

Who makes the cut?

Ive seen weddings range from 0 all the way up to 8 Bridemaids on the head count so if your debating over how many to have, ask yourself why you want these particular girls to be in ur “Bridal Party” is it cause they’re family, soon to be family, best friend, close friend and most importantly.. how many can you afford… Don’t ask someone because you feel you have to, do it cause YOU want to. Most girls feel pressured into asking a friend that had asked you but everyones circumstances is different, family sizes and budgets. If they give you stick for not being chosen then be glad you didnt ask someone that cant be happy for your decisions and choices. 
Another thing is to ask those you trust. These are the girls you will be sharing all your Wedding ideas and plans with and you dont want them sharing your Wedding with the world and its Mother. I myself had 4, My Sister, soon to be Sister in Law, Childhood/School bestfriend and later life bestfriend, I would never of been able to choose between those two friends and I was 100% happy to have 4. It also tied in nicely for my Husband who coincidentally wanted 4 Groomsmen, so we were all square and avoided our first possible disagreement πŸ˜‚

What do they wear?

So many different bridesmaid trends come about every year, in my previous post of I touched on a few including the mis-matching for example using a colour palette or same colour different styles. But to be fair to them, whatever you put them in you should ensure they are all COMFORTABLE in the dress. Get a lil watsapp group going ask round is there any particular styles or colours that dont suit them or their body shape, if any of your girls have big twins ya dont want them falling out in all their glory for your guests, no more do you want them paranoid about themselves either so just dont be a Bridezilla on this one and be sure to accommodate your huns as best ya can. I opted for dresses that covered the chest, a mid length as two were tall and two were small, short loose sleeves which gave some freedom and they weren’t a fitted style so I and my bridesmaids all had a happy medium. A lil tip maybe take shopping day, go out and try on a few different dresses, send pics of dresses you like send it out in the group, put the feelers out to them. Take it from there and you should have a Happy Bridal Party 

Apart from the dress…

You will still have the battle of shoes, jewellery even underwear. Again make sure you think of everything they will need on the day. If there was one thing I swore by it was that I had asked them to do this for me so it shouldn’t come at a cost to those you’ve asked. You need to cover everything for them.. now dont get me wrong the underwear was from Pennys, the shoes and earrings were from Dorothy Perkins, I had the luxury of my staff discount at the time but shops are always throwing discount events so dont rush into anything. Give yourself time to shop around! 

When it came to the bouquets, Dunnes false flowers saved the day!!!! I am not a “flowery” kinda gal so they weren’t a big feature of the day, again this is personal choice.. but having a very creative Mother like my own allowed me the option to buy the false flowers (think they cost a total of €60) and my Mam put lovely white lily bouquets together… 

The Glam & Gift Squad..
On top of that, Obviously your footing the bill of Hair, Make Up, Nails and Tan (Thats how easily the cost builds up) So two nights before the Wedding I held a Tan and Nail party in the house. This was for the Bridal Party, The Mammy and other close relatives and friends. It really got the buzz going. I had came home from my dress collection that day and my Mam and sister had the house kitted out with balloons and banners and a few nibbles and prosecco. It was the perfect kick start to the celebrations. So we all took it in turns, tanning and shellac-ing had a few songs (and Prosecco) going and it was a great atmosphere! It saved any running round just having them come to the house to get it all done at once. 

I bought a lil rail from Argos and had each dress hung up with their shoes in the box under each one and their names on it and once they had their canvas (see below) I had all their underwear etc all organised to each person. I picked them up a tiny clutch too to hold money, lip gloss etc on the day too. On the day they took it in turns to have the room to themselves and get dressed rather than a hustle of everyone trying to get ready together. I made sure i left plenty of time in the morning for prep, another reason everything on the day was happening in the one place, the hotel, no delays going from here to there.. It all ran so smoothly and we were married and ready for Celebrations by 3pm. 

Not to leave the men totally out this loop but cufflinks, best man/grooms man socks and a mini jd & coke make the cut here πŸ–’

As a lil Thank You to the girls and Mammys, I had totesamaze bags for each person. Their own personalised canvas bag and in each one had everything they needed for the day. Their personalised robes & pjs for the night before, their underwear and jewellery for their rig outs, I had got each one an Alex and Ani bracelet as a Thank You gift and made them a lil “just incase” pouch bag for the day with the boots minis of hairspray, clips, mouthwash, deodrant and wipes (these do all be in the 3 for 2 offer) So we were set to go and kitted out for the night. 

Don’t forget the mini huns..

I didn’t leave my Flower Girls out either they got their bags too. Their Robe & Pjs, Undewear and Head piece for the day and got them lil colouring sets and jigsaw EVERYTHING from Pennys to keep them occupied at the tables as they were the only kids in attendance… 

Making the most of Team Bride.. 

Now, Dont be afraid to ask for the girls help, that is what they are there for. My Sister was by my side all morning and checking I was running on time, on the day another had the duty of collecting all the cards, another was helping with the Flower Girls etc and I had a great lil team by my side.. 

A lovely touch I had on the day for my sister was that I asked her to wear my engagement ring. Some people just wear it on the other hand but I loved the idea of my one and only sister having it instead. It was a great little personal touch from me to her.

Getting Personal…. 

As you may of guessed I was all about the personal touches, most would of gone unnoticed to guests etc but it was a big deal for me to make a fuss of them as much as they did of me. So something from me to them was the cd for their limo… Basically we chose a Hotel Wedding/Ceremony that we had roughly an hour’s spin to.. So in each bag I had spent a night writing them all out individual cards, I wrote our memories and moments and why I had asked them to be by my side.. again it was a really nice personal touch. So, I had asked them a few weeks before for a song or two that reminded them of me. I collated all the songs onto a cd and wrote, yes another card, Im a sentimental swine πŸ˜‚ for them altogether to open in the limo with the cd inside of it and basically they had all these songs in the car on the way to our destination! 

So basically me and my Girls danced down the aisle and till the end of the night. So choose carefully and spoil your girls.. Yes being asked is a priviledge but its for you they are doing it so they deserve to be a lil spoiled too ❀

So good to be back,

Christine x