If only Stroller Shopping was a Stroll on the park…

I dedicate this piece to all the Mammies and Daddies currently, previously or about to…. go stroller shopping. I use the word stroller, not to sound American-ised but because apparently a pram isnt a pram anymore. No… its a travel system, pushchair, pram, buggie and stroller… its a buggie for godsake! Jesus trying to shop online was no picnic! 

I started out on the usual outlets.. Mamas & Papas, Smyths Toystore, Tony Kealys Mothercare and all that jazz! Now its worth noting if you are on the hunt these places do events so you can save money.. Almost every month Mamas & Papas do their event with up to 50% off, “Travel Systems” normally fall in the 20% offer. Smyths do their Baby event and that can be 20% off or the €10 voucher on €50, €20 voucher on €100 and €50 voucher on €200 or more, so time it right. Mothercare have up to €60 off on their strollers at present too.

Mamas and Papas have a great range of prams, pram accessories and all things prams but when it comes to strollers they lacked, big time! I found they were ridiclious money like starting at €117/195 up to €285/390… and whats with the bar across every stroller? Is that a new thing? Im defo not into it anyway! I found the M&P range of the more expensive product is like a clone of the bugabee, I think they are going for the whole look a like product with cheaper pricetag. So like that if you pick up the budget range on an event then yes your doing well.. but like so many I came across it only does up to 15kg, this was a major USP (Unique selling point, Im fluttering me retail lingo here) So many strollers only done up to 15kg, so check the product details on each to be sure of its durability for weight restrictions! 

Mothercare was almost a waste of time. They litreally had two options in store (Blanchardstown) but low and behold theres 55 options on their website, and as of today have up to €60 off 22 of those options, I know, I done me homework here! They stock their own range and a good range of Cosatto, Maclaren and Silvercross and in fairness to them have something for all budgets. Its a pity none of these were on show in store cause I could of well been enticed to purchase there but I wanted to physically see what I was buying, try it out, get a feel for my purchase ya know, but that wasn’t to be. 

Smyths Toystore was were I found the best selection on display. They heavily feature both Silvercross and the Joie range. The Joie is an excellent budget brand and to be honest I was all for their stroller until I seen the dreaded 15kg weight restriction on it. But of your looking for a smaller baby and not a near 2 year old they are ideal and purse friendly. I have their 5 stage car seat, its brilliant, it reclines, has the cup holder and very easily strapped in and out of the car. So back to the buggie, the Joie range in price from €80 – €130. They also stock the Maclaren who have absolutely lost the run of themselves with their prices starting at €230 😱 I know they are a trusted brand but they are starting at €230 going up to €500 for their Techno XLR.. like its a pram Im looking for, they make it sound like this thing will take ya on a round trip of the solar system! But it does state that it can take a child up to 4 years of age. But like I said, Smyths have a really good range on display and cater for a lot of brands including accessories and add ons for your pram so I defo suggest a visit here and the Swords branch have a huge baby section and have a lot of buggies on offer right now too.. 

Tony Kealys surprisingly had a small range, they are a big Bugaboo dealer so the are all about the Bugabee (The Bugaboo stroller) and that comes in at a nifty €630 and the footmuff is an extra €110.. I know they are a reliable brand also but its worth noting, spending so much on a stroller in my opinion is crazy because they are no where near as durable as a Pram. I find most babys go through strollers almost on a yearly basis as they get so grubby and are used a lot more so tend to wear down easier. Your child wasn’t able to feed themselves a biscuit or drink their juice in their lovely new born travel system but by god they will mill anything you hand them in a stroller… and it wont be in a non messy toddler manner either πŸ˜‚ They also have an extensive range of Quinny and the Mima but it was disappointing! 

What I’ve had… and what I’ve got!!! 

So having bought the Mima Xari for my son when he was born I found it an excellent pram, so durable, excellent quality, handy folding, could change front and rear facing, had the ly down and seated upright parts, came with a Winter Pack, easy to clean and maintain, in fact I loved it so much its been stored away for number 2. So when I seen this brand had a stroller on the market, the Mima Bo, I was all over it. Expecting the same great quality and all things I loved about the Xari.. but this wasn’t to be. Sadly it was not durable and is in no way suitable once the baby hits the 18mth mark. He looked like an overgrown child in it πŸ˜‚ the break is a nightmare, the ly back catches constantly got stuck and the wheels wore down to nothing. They had a long label sewn either side of the harness which of course frayed in no time and caused the pram to look grubby. They didnt do a parasol for it so I tried 3 different universal ones on it. None of them held up. It did have an excellent seat liner and footmuff and the handiest lil pocket for keys and purse at the back of the hood (other brands take note) I loved it at the start it was just such a shame I got no time from it. Not even a year… 

So it was time for a change…
After all my scouring of shops and online i came to a Silvercross conclusion. The Pop 2 (currently on offer everywhere for €179.99) This was everything I wanted in a stroller and more.. Holds a 25kg weight, the hood expands right down to act as a sun protector, comes out further at front so no dangly legs hanging over, lys right back, like bed back, lightweight, easy to fold and purse friendly. I opted for the Jade/Black but it comes in 3 different colours. Its available in all stores mentioned above and so far so good. No teething problems as of yet and its a joy to push! Its also worth noting that Silvercross website have an extensive range of accessories for this also like the footmuff etc available to order! I’ll let you know when I purchase 😊

I hope this helps narrow down any issues you may of came across in your “Buggie” shopping and you have a happy comfy little one just like me… 


Christine x