Making your House an updated Home 🏑

Leaving behind the Sunshine can be hard for us to come to terms with, but there is something about those cosy winter nights snuggled up on the sofa that put the Summer into a some what distant memory! But, fear not we are NOT losing colour.. Just the heat on our bones… until ya switch the heating on or light the fire that is!

I’m not going to give you a room run down on this one because the good thing about these new trends and ideas is they can be incorporated into any room in the house. Some things from our Spring Summer piece (which you can read here) are sticking round.. And like every new Trend that comes about my number 1 advice is to not buy into the whole thing by kitting your whole house out cause they swing in roundabouts, one week their hot, next week they’re not.. so like I said before don’t get bogged down repainting the whole house, stay neutral that you can add little bits of trends here and there without having to strip the room bare and running to the Credit Union for a top up on your loan just to follow a new trend!!!

Pattern Wallpapers are a thing again.. Dramatic Paisley, Overscaled Florals and abstract prints and patterns are a go go.. If you are changing the walls, do the always popular feature wall if wallpapering the whole room isn’t an option. But these aren’t going anywhere so again go for neutral tones or if you prefer the bolder colour keep it to a simple colour scheme. This way you only have to change accessories in the room like Cushions and Rugs to bring the new lease of life back to the room when you get bored or want to brighten up or tone down…

Marble is also making a comeback… Although it’s mainly featured in Kitchens! Worktops and Splashbacks in bright white with the Grey/Black effect. This is one feature if I’m being honest would be difficult to spread out into other rooms unless you were having a Fireplace replaced or a statement coffee table, and if doing so, make sure its in a bright room as trying to bring marble into a darker room and not have it look out of place would most defo be a struggle. I’m not gonna lie, Im not exactly sold on the whole marble thing!!!

How much Wood chop…. Wood Wood Wood… Wood everywhere! What I like about wood esp compared to the likes of Marble is that it brings character. Cerused Wood is big player here, which is basically that Grey, Grainy look on wood.. I wont give you the 500 year old history lesson on it so see images below.. But be it Floors, Cabinets, Press doors, it’s all the rage with the interior cool kids! However wood on a whole isn’t leaving the housing trends anytime soon. Wood to interior is what Denim is to Fashion, it may change its style but it’s always there in the forefront of Trends. You could have wood through out every room of your house and it can still look totally different in each setting giving the variety of it. From Kitchen counter tops to bedside lockers never shy away.

So lets talk Colour.. Simple. The Jewel tones, they came last year and they’re still here. Bold, Vibrant deep tones. From Yellow (that mustard twang) to Turquoise, Purple to Green, get those jewels sparkling! Now please don’t paint all walls purple and green, all this takes is Cushions, Curtains, Rugs, Duvet Sets, Accessories… Get the colour splash game strong! If you are the type to go all out, Deep green on the walls be it Paint or Paper sets this right off, It allows you to add so much colour the yellow, fuchsia, purple and turquoise against this, smashing!

Complimenting your colour. Brass and shiny metal finishes complete this look. This is best achieved by adding a side table, small and round, glass top. Perfection. However if you just want a taste of it, something as simple as adding brass or shiny metal knobs or handles to a unit or drawers etc are the perfect complement to the tones. If you want to jazz it up even more, Lamps, Candle Holders, Lanterns etc all work here and you the ever reliable Pennys will have this all in abundance so defo keep the eyes peeled. Same goes for cushions, they always have a strong cushion game and I’ve no doubt they will be all over these new trends come A/W.

Lets talk Material… Velvet isnt budging, but it’s getting a colour overhaul. Before is was grey, gunmetal, slate, pewter tones but now, you want it Green, Mustard, Purple. From sofas to curtains… Its heavy, rich luxurious and it wants you to embrace it, so do so. I love that were moving away from having the same velvet tone in every room to changing it up and giving it an overhaul because it’s too nice to be left by the wayside.

Speaking of sofas.. Theyre growing. Oversized furniture is a thing. Corner sofas are no longer in it for space saving they are a statement. Large armchairs, the furniture is becoming the main room feature again. Now, don’t go plonking a huge sofa into your room to be Trendy, only have what your space allows but even in a small space you can achieve this. Mis matching furniture i.e. Neutral toned sofa with a bold coloured armchair, in a different shape/style, foot puffs all coming out to play here.

Animal Skins, not the real ones of course, are the “it” texture your room is longing for here apparently! Now personally meself like I said I do like to use the rug to bring the colour to the room so an animal/furry rug just wouldn’t cut it for me. However in a room that’s less about the colour it does bring the “texture” where a plain room can come across as bland.

Last Orders.. at the Bar, yes having a Bar in a room in now a thing also. But its a classy bar, it’s not a keg stashed in the corner of the room. It’s the shiny metal or brass tables, with a fancy tray with a fancy glass or two on display with your bottle of Bombay Saphire Gin… Fancy… I know. All well and good in an ideal world but sure you’d only have to turn your back and the kids would have it swamped so lets keep this idea to the kid free homes or out of reach areas. Still in all though I do like the idea and the Pinterest photos make me want one!

So there you have it the new Trends for your Home. Like I said we don’t have to go looking like an interior designer just had a field day in our homes but its enough to inspire and keep your eye out for. If there are any particular Homeware Topics you want me to feature leave me any requests you may have Id be happy to research and report.

*At any stage of this piece I do not claim to be an interior expert, I’m just putting us wide*

I hope you enjoyed my latest piece,


Christine x