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Heyas πŸ–‘ I’m Christine..

You might remember me from All Kinds of Everything when I hadΒ  a lot more time on my hands to get creative with my writing and bring you a lil bit of whats in the shops, whats hot, whats not, how to buy the 40 things in your online basket and not feel bad about it, to how to force your husband into booking a holiday along with some homeware trends to get involved in…

With all the heat about the social media place today with bloggers and influencers in hot water πŸ™ˆ I would like to state I AM NOT A BLOGGER, I AM NOT AN INFLUENCER, I reinstate the use of the word NOT…. I just love writing… I will not be converting my Snapchat and Instagram accounts into a blog, I will not be sharing videos, tutorials or vlogging.. I am not slating those that do, but I just love to write (well technically its typing) and this page gives me an outlet to do so on All kinds of Everything, for all kinds of everyone!

When I started this last year I underestimated the time and detail each piece required but sure look, I’ve missed giving everything a lighthearted take and a lil piece of humour so I cant wait to get cracking again! I really enjoyed the previous pieces from Wedding πŸ‘°πŸ€΅ Bride and Groom to Guests, Holidays ✈ on a €20 Ryanair budget or Florida on an expanding budget, sprucing up your home 🏑 to your make up bag πŸ’„and the odd bit of grub πŸ” (those omlettes πŸ₯š) and I cant wait to get going again..


This was just a little reintroduction to what the page is about, nothings changing only the fact I will actually use it again….Look forward to bringing you all the new bits and pieces,

Christine x

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  1. Joyce Miley says:

    Delight love reading your little tips on things …. and also to bw honest you do make me laugh the way you write xxx

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