I made it back… What to expect when your expecting a great blog (Part 2)

Heyas 👋 It feels so good to back, jotting down all my new ideas for the next few peices! The list is long and growing…

The long and short of the return is I just missed the writing, sharing the ideas and tips and interacting with you all on all kinds of everything.. litreally!

So I’m back, I’m Christine, Hello (In me best Gay Byrne impression) I was here before typing away about Clothes, Shopping, Holidays, Home decorating, Food, Finances, the usual you see on these type of pages 😉

Im still the same little oul me, wife to my husband, mother to my son, employee to my boss (whos happens to be my husband now 😆) and a lil rambler to myself… so what better way to ramble than on here.

Heres a run down of what you can expect…

Fashion ~ Im still blowing all the euros I can in Zara, me basket is still loaded with 20 plus items on the daily. Im partial to a lil AliExpress spree now and then, I can’t believe so many people are only discovering the joy that is AliExpress now! And sure no woman ever went wrong walking through the door of Pennys. Im not much of an online clothes shopper, which my bank account is really grateful for, but theres a few other shop preferences we be banging in for good measure. I like to expand this to all occasions, Wedding, Party & Guest, Events, Birthdays, Saturdays and even Mondays 😂 So fear not we defo wont be falling short in this category.

Beauty ~ This is the part where we have to try work together. I am so lagging behind in the make up game it’s not even funny. Am I the only person that thinks all these palettes look the same? and had to google what a swatch was? Anyway, Im still winging it with my Pippa Palette, (which im currently hoping is still on sale as I’m nearing the end of one) In fairness shes a good one for the make up tips, and skincare! But I only go as far as the palette, my boujour healthy mix foundation (also recommended by Pippa 🙈) and of course the good oul reliable strobe cream… I know MUAs across the board who are reading this are probably nodding their heads in disgust… but it is what it is, and like I said we can all work together here 😉 For Christmas, the wishlist has compiled of a Skincare range. I havent decided on one yet but given that I only use Micellar water and a pennys moisturiser, one of those Hyaluronic acid ones, (I just had to check the tub for the spelling) with the miracle worker – coconut oil in it! It sounded fancy and it had nice packaging, looked new to the department so it was bought! I also recently bought the Waxperts wonder pads and used them about a half hour ago for the first time, will update us all on these! But that is as far as my skincare goes.. so Im more than ready, hitting 33 this week to try and keep my skin its youthful self 😂 I also love body care, washes, creams, they are one of my lifes little luxurys that I like to splurge on, however I imagine when writing on these there will be a dupe to go alongside every product.

House & Home ~ I am only itching to have a lil revamp on the house and can’t wait to share some ideas with you. We are currently converting from what was “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” in my past posts https://allkindsofeverythingx.com/2017/04/06/welcome-to-joeys-mickey-mouse-clubhouse/ to Lightening McQueens Radiator Springs! I decided to start small 😂 Im very excited for the ideas I have for the house for all the other rooms 😉 (Sorry Joey I know your reading this). I lose hours of my life on pinterest for my ideas, putting them together as if I was living in a house fit for a millionare… but sure look, its no harm putting it all out there and taking what we can from the boards 😂 I love redecorating and getting creative and crafty so this is me in my element.

Travel ~ Now I do not claim to be a jetsetter, I am the biggest creature of habit.. so I tend to go back to the same places. We’ve recently returned from a holiday in Florida, somewhere I have wrote on before… but reading back on that it doesnt cover half of what I’d write now if I were to do it again… so I might just do that 😆 aswell as other places I have visited that I never wrote about both Europe and USA, from full on holidays to city breaks. I am also a great lil holiday bargain finder, its one of my hidden talents 😂 so it be great to have somewhere to share the deals 😉

Baby ~ Being a Mother to a 3 year old this is something I never got to touch on the way I wanted to 1st time round.. Think the 10 things they don’t tell you about Labour, what to expect after your expected has arrived, and a major one for me was the Mammy/Baby go to products. Bottles, Nappies, who knew choosing a pram or stroller could be so difficult?… so fear not all the topics will be covered!

Food ~ Glorious food.. If you have a love for food, any food, we can be friends. If Im not eating food, or talking about eating food, chances are Im thinking about eating food. Another topic featured if you take a look back on my previous posts.. Im big on the homemade grub, and somewhere along the line the coddle/stew debates will defo happen. But I am a major sucker for the homemade spice bags, pizzas and burgers, I love creating a mexican fiesta, a good steak dinner and my go to, Lean in 15, Joe Wicks has been a gift to my cooker. I can not wait to share a few reciepes with you all. From dinner to desert and everything inbetween.

Budget ~ Oh Mammy the M word.. Money Money Money. I really should be taking all me own advice here but sure look, again we all just work together here! There are some really good saving ideas out there, and with January nearing theres no better time to start the 52 week challange https://allkindsofeverythingx.com/2018/01/08/money-doesnt-grow-on-trees-but-heres-how-to-water-your-euro-plant-%f0%9f%92%b1/ another post I featured before so have a look back here if your in need of a kickstart! I wont be recommending what bank to go with, its only a few tips and saving ideas for us all to have a bash at!

So that brings the topics to a close! I will not be sharing everyday life videos of a trip to tesco or look at me kid doing this for the first time, thats for my own personal page and people 😉 But I do genuinely hope you all enjoy the posts and don’t be afraid to send on any feedback, things you want covered and please feel free to start or join in any discussions.


Christine x