10 for him, Lets hear it for the boys gifting guide šŸ›

Its Christmas. Its in full swing. We can’t deny it any longer. Im normally quite the organised one when it comes to Christmas but I am lagging behind big time this year. I genuniely need to get the skates on or I will end up like one of those mad things legging it round Christmas Eve with a list as long as me arm.

Anyway, I have put together a little top 10 gift ideas, 10 for him, (the 10 for her is coming too). Lads yous are awfully difficult to buy for at times. Like why do umbrellas and wallets always come into mens “top gifts” one thing id never buy anyone is a brolly esp not me husband, the wallet, yeah, ok.. but come on, we want realistic!! I hope one of these pressies will add to their delight Christmas morning anyway

1. So first up, Sports club membership: Are you at any stage of the weekend a Golf Widow? Or is any club hes affiliated (nice word there) with have a members bar? This can go to either end of the budget.. Its not like handing him a gym membership, although if thats his thing go with that… The Golf one won’t be cheap, but the likes of GAA or Football Clubs are on the lower end of the scale a little sly message or email to the club should cover this.

2. A ticket to an event: There are lots of announcents the last few weeks of so many concerts, now some can really break the bank. But a quick scroll on Ticketmaster and your sure to find some budget friendly tickets. The likes of Luke Kelly tribute act, hes a few dates round the country tickets are ā‚¬33. If you done one away you could book an over night stay with it. There was also the likes of Kodaline playing Dublin next year, Toto, New Order, Noel Gallagher even Longitude made the pre christmas sales. Id imagine once your not trying to get them to the Spice Girls or Westlife your bound to get a safety bet on Ticketmaster.

3. Sticking with tickets, a trip to a match if you have a football mad man you cant go wrong with a football match. If you’ve any interest sure book yourself along with him šŸ˜‰ Abbey Travel, Barrys Travel and Celtic Horizon Tours are good sports agents… but do not be shy to let google be your mate here. Go to the clubs website, see have they the match tickets for sale, google where the stadium is, look up the flights and hotel and if its going your way book them up!

4. Their favourite drink: So, again you can dicky this one up anyway you like to suit your budget. Last year I done my sister the “12 Gins of Christmas” so maybe for himself the 12 Beers or Whiskeys?! So I got a wooden box from a wine shop filled with straw and basically put 12 mini gins into it with some mini tonic cans. So think of mini Jack Daniels, Jamesons etc or get 12 random bottles/cans of beers… now these wont come in minis thou. BUT if you really want to break the bank.. The jerrycancompany, https://www.jerrycancompany.com check these out below. And girls they do gin and champagne so this one goes for you’s too šŸ˜‚

5. Beauty: Unlike ourselves I always find men are so reluctant to buy the “beauty” products so almost rely on the annual stock up from every Aunty and Nanny of the Nivea, Gilette, Ted Baker and Lynx Christmas sets.. but they are mainly body wash and deodorant. Clinque for men do a great set this time of year (without fail my Joey gets it every year) You get the full size products in them and they are great value for money. Both in the pic below are available from Debenhams (I shopped around for yous) the ā‚¬50 always comes with a wash bag too its a win win really šŸ˜‚.. Aswel as this a lil trip to the barbers, buy some product if hes into his gruaig, shampoo, conditioner, wax, gel etc.. put it all together you’ve got a right little goodie bag going on..

6. Now, speaking of goodies bags.. this could easily incorporate all of the above drinks, cheap event tickets, the “manly” beauty range šŸ˜‚ but again it’s something I always put together, for everyone, birthdays, christmas, cheer me ups.. so you basically buy a fancy lil paper gift bag and hit the sweet shops.. their fave crisps, bars, jellies, biscuits.. stuff it all in.. even their favourite teabags, coffee, alcohol.. pack it up! This is always a big hit!

7. For the thrill seekers this is a good one, and again, cost effective! Like the football trip you can join them or book for them and a mates/s. So this is a few places for a fun day out, Skillzone (ā‚¬17 each) , based in Dundrum is a collection of sports challanges.. penalty shoot outs, hangman, tennis, baseball, GAA Football, shooting, a lil rock climb to finish it off, and you get a score card on the way in so its all to play for, you compete for the best score on each challange, obvs the most points at the end wins. Another one (but you would probably want a voucher to go in decent weather), Zip-It. This is in Tribadden Wood not too far from Skill Zone (also in Roscommon and Cork), but its all outdoors and basically 4 levels (3 metres up to 20metres) of zip lining challanges basically through the forest (ā‚¬30 per adult). I have done both of these and they are so much fun, the zip it especially, it also makes for a great family day out. To add a fun day trip, I have also recently came across the “We Are Vertigo”, it is based in Belfast BUT it has a brand new indoor inflatable obstacle course (coming Jan 2019), indoor skiing and ninja experience amongst many more options. This looks like it could well be worth a voucher and visit. All 3 places linked here:

Skillzone: https://skillzone.ie

Zip it (my fave): https://www.zipit.ie

We are Vertigo: https://www.wearevertigo.com

8. If hes a gamer.. then Christmas 2018 has him spoiled for choice, a choice of 4 in fact.. The one and only Commodore 64 has relaunched, this is the one for the older retro man. It comes with the joystick and 64 preloaded games, this one will defo be a big hit. Next in line, the Nintendo Classic Mini, Nintendo Entertainment System..creme de la creme, piece de resistance this is like “The Original Nintendo” has 30 games preloaded Pac-Man, Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong, Super Mario.. this also comes with 2 controllers, so you can give him a game šŸ˜‚ Keeping with Nintendo Nintendo Classic Mini, Super Nintendo, this also has 30 prelaoded games, same as above but add Street Fighter, god I loved Street Fighter šŸ˜‚ this is for the younger retro end of the scale, and in keeping with that finally we have the PlayStation Classic this one comes preloaded with 20 games and 2 controllers. All these are available from Smyths. Pics and prices below!

9. Gift Cards are NOT thoughtless, and if anything I know I love to get them, for the sole reason of shopping online with them Stephens Day, but men are no different, and lets be honest even it they dont want clothes, the golf shop, game stop, a department store, the likes of Arnotts etc they wont turn one away… tats if you havent got him everything on this list or he needs a brolly or wallet šŸ˜‚

10. The old reliables… aftershave, new runners, t-shirt, jeans, jacket, the Gillette set, the nose trimmer set.. that list goes on but can certainly fill the gaps. Even all of number 10 together šŸ˜‚ but its nice to be inventive, creative and try something different

By making up little things you have them knowing its thoughtful you touched on small things they enjoy, things they are interested in. I hope the man in your life, be it your son, granda, workmate, your bus man, has a wonderful Christmas.