All the trends for home amends 2019! 🏡

With January after coming round again we all go into the “fresh” phase… and if your anything like me top of my list is always the house. It’s true what they say “A house is never finished” much to my husbands delight 😝 Theres always something to be done but its great when you’ve updated the rooms and you can sit pretty for the next while until the next trends come through and do it all again 😂

Home trends are like Wedding trends, its not every year you see drastic changes which is what makes it so easy and afforable to “update”. We aren’t talking ripping out your kitchen and bathroom, but if thats what your after by all means we can cater here for that 😂 Paint change, fabrics, tiles, adding a small item of furniture here or there or even bringing that shabby bedside locker into the new era make it all so achieveable.

Enjoy the read….

Colour Palettes:

Earthy Tones ~ While sticking with the earthy tones, the “Grey Overhaul” that has been on a visit to almost every house (me own included) has seen its day. However, a lick of paint, a change of curtains and cushions, a rug can all bring the change of grey rooms to life. Light sage, blush, lavendar, honey tones all complete this look. Top interior artists are working off the 90% white 10% colour with these palettes for that fresh feel but keeping the cosy tones in the earthy colours.

As pictured below from Ideal Homes shows how to best achieve this trend. Most pictures have a pattern element, a brass/gold touch, some plant life, (although I cant keep plant life alive 😂 so some falseys will do me) and that clean modern effect, which we will touch on further on down this piece. As I said with the 90%/10% ratio of white to colour, I prefere a more 70%/30% colour ratio which is evident here, although bare in mind the “white” walls do not need to be “white white” but of a white shade and if you like your grey walls that can work too.

A sofa or chair you can see is a main feature here, then the curtains and cushions… but this is where the “white” walls come in so handy, coloured walls tie you down to particular colour schemes whereas a neutral coloured room leaves you open to a complete overhaul, be it a paler colour palette or a striking pop of colour your after its all doable and easily changeable. This one personally is my fave I love the bright spacious vibes, the velvet and the added brass and gold effects.

Global Nomad ~ Do not let this mad heading shy you away from this trend because this is the biggest change we’ve seen in colour comparison to what has been so popular. It is the total opppsite of the earthy tones by going to the other end of the scale on the more richer colours. This palette is on the side of teal, cinnamon (like a rich coral which I am loving), sage, dark green, tan brown, concrete grey but mixes in a sort of magnolia and really light cream/beige to add some brighness.

I personally love this for the bedroom or bathroom, even the kitchen but I would not be the biggest fan of this in the living room… but sure look, its each to their own 😉 The randomness of the brighter colours allows the ikats, paisley and indian prints to pop in to say hello (see pics 👇). Another feature within this trend is the tassle, fringing and pom pom added to the material side of things so think – a tassle cushion, and dare I say it, tassle tie backs on the curtains. In order to go full on with this trend it will really be down to personal taste, however I love the idea of bringing this colour palette onto a more modern twist.

So now we know our colours next on the business list of this piece takes us to a few places about the house… First up, The kitchen!

The kitchen I think is where the most change has came about where the home trends has updated! Although the “old style” of wooden presses has came back with a bang its very easy to take the likes of the white high gloss we have seen so much of into new trends… so no, you dont have to rip your presses out and cost yourself a fortune… but ya can if you want 😂

The coloured wooden presses are huge right now especially in the green, sage, midnight green and even navy. These pictures are proof however that even with darker presses you can still have that bright spacious feeling in the most used place on the house.

If “dark dark” is what your after…

Theres a great business now in having presses resprayed. A change of lights, your taps or even changing your seating area can open this whole trend across your kitchen or if your spalshing out (pun intended) change your splashback, tiles are HUGE again and the variety on offer again can bring such a big visual change without a big financial change.

The joy of this trend in your kitchen is that you can take it old style or have the most modern of twists on it and still achieve the look.

The Bathroom ~ I can not wait to update my own bathroom and I’m just too giddy even doing this part. Much like the kitchens, the bathrooms have taken a dark turn but keeping the look alive with accent tiles, mermaid and paisley patterns, brass and gold features in the taps and lights, a LOT of wooden touches like shelfs, presses and the good oul plant life.

A big trend coming through on the tile front is the “Terrazzo” tile. Now, I had to Google this doing me research…

Terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place or precast, which is used for floor and wall treatments. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material, poured with a cementitious binder (for chemical binding), polymeric (for physical binding), or a combination of both.

This is what it looks like…

Now, Im defo not 100% sold on this but another tile trend coming through I defo can is the mermaid effect!!

See below 😂…

This is more up my street, BUT… as far as wall tiles go, Im not all that into it, the cleaning, oh my god the cleaning, I don’t hinch and like the easy life and maintenance.. the floor I can handle but my bathroom goal is defo only for shower tiles and the rest painted!!!!

K E Y F E A T U R E S . . .

Materials ~ Velvet is here to stay. Across almost every trend it has featured on sofas, chairs, curtains, cushions and throws. I remember writing my home piece this time last year and emphasising how key the velvet was gonna be. It defo has that luxurious cosy feeling and isn’t going anywhere.

Pattern work ~ Weather its the tiles above or the cushions below prints and patterns are working those rooms for ya. Floral fabrics and wallpapers, patterned kitchen splashbacks, bring it all to life.

Mixing up patterns shouldnt work but the floral walls on a geometric headboard 👍 and the stripes with leopard 😍.. see for yourself 👇

Light wood floors

Having seen a lot of darker floors about, floors are getting brighter and lighter! Beach, birch, oak even whitewood floors are the next big thing. They are transforming rooms opening them out to brighness with a spacious and airy feel.

Curved Furniture

Shell shaped chairs are a big contribution here. They help break up any “boxy” look and bring a nice fun feature to design. After seeing all the button hole detail this is another take on bringing more character into furniture. The same can be said for coffee tables, shelf designs.. get your curve on..

Mixing in the metals

As we can see almost every room has featured some sort of metal, brass, gold.. The rose gold phase is finished and its more chic in bringing in the brass/gold features. Legs of chairs and tables, lamp stands and curtain poles can bring these into touch. Dont be afraid to respray anything in gold or brass spray (any art and hobby shop or Mr. Price sell sprays for a couple of euro) thats looking ragged or tired and pop it into pride of place. Note: the big mix of patterns in most of the pics below 😍 I just love this, especially the leopard print!


Wrap it up…

So the long and short of the 2019 hometrends… Colour popping everywhere, be it neutral or bright, the plain rooms are no more, pattern on pattern, mix it up, textiles, floors, tiles the lot. Bring in your gold and brass and that’s more a less your lot 😂

I hope you have got a lil inspo from this and I promise to keep you all updated on bringing the new trends into my home… Stay tuned for plenty more homeware pieces and I will taake it room by room 👍

Thanks for reading,


Christine x