She’s in 2019 Spring Summer Fashion..

It seems a common problem we all seem to have with Spring Summer, so many events, so much to wear.. From your usual Birthdays, nights out, you end up flooded with Communions, Confirmations, Christenings, Hens, Weddings.. and they all come at once!!!

So what we’re going to look at here is all the new Trends for Spring/Summer 2019, where to buy, what to buy, how to wear, and change them up to wear them again.. Cause that’s just how we roll, and that bank account isn’t on an elastic band! So lets tuck into our head to toe run down!

First up: Clothing Trends.
“All the trimmings”Fringing and Feathers are topping the list on new trends for Spring Summer 2019. Consider this the 2019 marmite trend, you will either love it or hate it.. I love it! You aren’t expected to go round like Big Bird from Sesame Street just to pull this look off.. like look at the feather shoulder look below, its one of my faves. One of the great things about this trend is it falls into both the casual and dressy category.. Like who could go wrong with a suede fringed jacket with your jeans and a basic tee? There are jackets exactly like the second pic available in Penny’s. I love how airy they are for those kinda days that aren’t too warm, but not too cold either! But then comes Saturday night and your rocking a lovely fringed number with your €11 Penny’s barely there sandals..The feathers however I would prefere to see left in the dressy section, there’s no place for a coat of feathers on the Wednesday morning school run 😂The material craftwork also comes in to play here, and I genuinely think this is look is up my followers street, esp for the holidays. I have already seen this filtering through in Penny’s, Zara, New Look, River island.. all the usual suspects. It has all the boho summer vibes we crave when the sun hits but this is very much on the casual side.But for the 1% of us that would absolutely run with this trend given the chance, look at this number!! Now unless we all make the invite list of the Oscars we wont get a chance to wear such a nice guna.. But here are some items we defo would, from the places we shop at prices we can afford 🙌Now, aside from the clothes, they’ve only gone and brought the fringing and feathers to the accessories 😍 Cant even! What I love about this is some women will certainly not feel 100% comfortable wearing a fringe or a feather but this lets ya slip on the oul reliable number and style it up to the new trends with a fringed bag, a feathered sandal, girls your opportunities are endless, swear, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it 👍😂“Print, Print and more Print” Shirts, Dresses, Trousers, 2 piece suits, all the one, mix and match there is no escaping the print. Print is so easy to wear, be it in your face geometric or subtle floral there’s so many ways to own this no matter what your style. I personally love the printed shirt, tucked into the jeans, jazz it up with a belt.. or get the longline flow-y shirt, you can keep your jeans on here, or you can go all funk with your cycling shorts (Yes they are back and yes I absolutely take every chance I can to wear mine – more on them later) Mixing and mis matching prints are also huge. I love the whole print for the communions and confirmation Mammys. There are really nice options featured below available from River Island.*I do recommend plain accessories here, because sometimes too much is too much. “Power Suiting” Tailoring is back with a bang. Coming in the form of 2 piece suits, Trousers and Blazers, but the trend is moving into the Summer with the Jacket Dresses. These are coming in a variety of colour across the highstreet and into full on disco mode with the full on sequences and some serious 80s vibes. Now, suits with the whole chunky runner trend, I have seen the look put together and I don’t get it, a million percent I would have a shoe over a runner with a suit, but you know yourself, all the cool kids approve this trend!! They are so versatile you can go trousers, shorts, skirts.. There’s plenty of these knocking about the shops and again, I love these looks for the Communion and Confo Mammys! “On your bike with your cycling shorts” So I touched on these above but I really wanted to feature these on their own section because I really believe too many people brush them off like I wouldn’t wear them, I wore them 20 years ago… Ladies, see below  Everything that is Spring Summer 2019 can feature alongside cycling shorts, shirts, blazers, prints, fringes.. you name it! Not that in reality we would wear this suit but take ALL the inspo here on the top right.. Everything right down to the block print with block heel just completes this.. They’re cheap and cheerful and so versatile… “Who likes short shorts” Speaking of shorts city and bermuda style are a serious contender here too. A more comfortable option for many but they can seriously lift any outfit for any occasion. We’re almost giving skirts a break this year to make way for the shorts. I love a neat shirt with a bermuda short its such a sophisticated look. Aswell as that with Sage and Pistachio the colour front runner here a crisp white shirt is so summer fresh.. this also brings along the utility look that’s been floating round the last few months.I just love all these River Island looks.. that polka dot two piece is made for me 😍“Bleaching the Denim” I love summer denim, dresses, skirts, shorts.. and again we have the trend versatility coming in. I only cut a pair of skinnys into denim cycling shorts with a white ruffle tee and grey mules and I needn’t tell yas how comfy I was going out.Denim dresses are a huge go to also, and I know yas are all sick of the Zara/Penny’s suggestions but they’re options are so nice and although I think penny’s have upped their price game I would certainly be investing here. Again its another great take on Casual Vs Going out all with the change of footwear.. AND OTHER OPTIONS: Other up and coming features to keep an eye out for that are still hanging about and breaking through on the rails… *Tie Dye – This is such a fun, colourful take on your clothing and is starting to filter through, I just spotted this nice little number on Penny’s insta today… *Tight pleats – We seen the pleated skirts reinvent the whole pleated look last year, don’t bin them yet girls they aren’t going anywhere.. They’re making the transition from casual options to full on “out out” options, but look, how could you not heart it – I love a good pleat. *Bows – I love how feminine a bow makes an outfit look, there’s just something so girly about a bow to complete a look. Now they had some serious OTT features on the catwalk but lets take it down a peg or two to wearable for ourselves below. *Sequins – You could be forgiven for scrolling while shopping and thinking you were in the height of Christmas shopping with all the sequins and gems floating about, and there is a LOT of it in Zara and River Island but its so feminine and colourful I love it… a little sequin or gem never hurt anyone right? *Basic Tea/Tee Dress – Are ya going Tee or Tea Tea?? I feel like these style of dresses becomes the good weathers answer to “nice jeans and a top” You can take these from a casual day dress in your lil flats to an “out” in your block heel or an “out out” in your barely theres!! There’s a lot of outs there isn’t there!!!! But I bet yas all got what I meant…..*Satin skirts: Another trend not going anywhere yet… I love these more so to fell dressy casual, I think just a nice tee and runners with these are a nice clean light summer look.. Penny’s have a great selection in these too for €14, plenty of print and plain options..
Accessorise – Complete the look
“Shoes” Platforms, mules, Platform Mules, Barely there’s, Feathered Barely there’s.. Shoes this season are the dream, I love and want them all.. They are gone so colourful and playful and we are back to a statement, finishing off the outfit with footwear.. “The Bag Lady”  That’s me.. So many options are on offer here.. Bumbags which are my absolute go to for both casual and going out. The absolute convenience of them!!! “it” bags are taking us back to basics, esp on the designer front. The bags designers base their whole collection’s on and grow from their basic logo models. They are timeless pieces, if like me you love your bags, live on the beans and toast and buy the bag.. there’s always next weeks wages 😉 But for now these are the more on Trend bags that we will see pop into the shops….“Excess Baggage” of doubling up on bags or the mini bag with the regular size is a thing but this is just too much opportunity to have full of junk so these are no from me 👎 “HEAD to toe” – If you haven’t seen the headband and clip craze you cant be forgiven because they are EVERYWHERE and rightly so. I have quite thin/fine hair and I love a headband. I have a mare going out on what to do with my hair and the hair band has rescued me completely and I don’t even have to do anything.. there’s no styling to be done, its so simple and effortless yet it really brings the look! 
Hope you all enjoyed that little take on the new Spring Summer Trends, It may feel repetitive with all the Zara, Penny’s and River.. But apart from those shops is it just me or has shopping gone very teeny bopper about town?! Anyway, this is more options and a heads up, shapes, colours, materials, styles to look out for which I’m sure will be flooded everywhere into all our go to places.. Happy Shopping!!!!
I am 100% going on the “Top of the Product Pops” next, and I haven’t forgot the “Add to Ali Cart” Im just trying to find a peaceful hour in my house of madness to do it as a video on my stories for yas, there’s far too much info to me to be trying to explain in one blog… Til next time….
Christine x